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  • A Dangerous Method Film Analysis

    University - Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development Abstract Since I have started interning just a couple of weeks back, I have taken the movie “A Dangerous Method” by David Cronenberg to use my class readings – Transference and Countertransference which helped me understand the movie better from a psychoanalytical perspective. A Dangerous Method – Gist of the story In 1904 a Russian woman named Sabin Spielrein arrives at Carl Jung 's clinic, seeking treatment for hysteria. Jung is eager to test Sigmund Freud 's theories on Sabin and, in fact, successfully treats her. Two years later Jung and Sabin meet Freud in person, and Jung takes over the treatment of Otto Gross, whose influence leads Jung to begin an affair with Sabin, contributing to a rift with Freud. Background of the story There are several specific techniques displayed in the film that do really do show ideas originally developed by Freud and his direct followers. First, in the film Jung refers to “the talking cure,” a term referring to the general techniques that Freud developed. At the time (the early 1900s), what we think of as this traditional form of therapy wasn’t traditional at all, and it was Freud who really expanded the role of simply…

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  • Group Psychotherapy And Transparency Theory Summary

    The Therapist: Transference and Transparency The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy Therapy is a book written by ( Yalom D. Irving) it serves as a guideline on how to conduct group therapy. Therapy is an element of care that brings about change, however it is critical to note change would never occur without the exchanges that take place between the therapist and the client. In previous chapters, Yalom, instructs us of how to conduct group therapy and what techniques should be…

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  • Cbt Intervention Model

    In CBT, “Transference. The therapist should pay attention to negative or positive reactions towards him/her but should not deliberately provoke or ignore them. He or she should be vigilant for signs of strong negative emotions such as a disappointment, anger and frustration experienced in the therapeutic relationship by the patient. These reactions open space for understanding the patients past and actual relations outside the therapy” (Prasko, Diveky, Grambal, Kamaradova, Mozny, Sigmundova,…

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  • Essay On Transference

    assignment in Psychology 1300, the topic of transference will be discussed. In order to accomplish this these are the topics that will be examined: the definition of transference, why transference is a social problem, how are people affected by transference, how the government is trying to address the issue of transference, and finally what can be done to make a positive outcome with the problems with transference. Transference and countertransference: According to Farlexs’ Medical dictionary…

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  • Transference Of Love

    Freud’s third paper on the technique of psychoanalysis deals with the issue of love in the analytic situation. The paper deals with the transference of love, its hindrance to recovery, how it needs to be dealt with, and eventually transformed and used towards the healing process. The occurrence of falling in love is explored from a practical and theoretical position. When the client falls in deep love with the analyst, the analyst is faced with a specific set of challenges. Should he a) end…

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  • Transference Focused Therapy

    Transference Focused Therapy Another form of treatment that is commonly used for borderline personality disorder is transference focused psychotherapy. TFP is a modified psychodynamic psychotherapy (a form of depth psychology of which the primary focus is to reveal the client’s unconscious, deep-rooted feelings in order to make it possible to resolve them). TFP combines methods of standard psychoanalytic technique (such as attention to unconscious processes, focusing on transference, and…

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  • Transference And Countertransference Essay

    lead me to this career choice. We will explore how being on both sides of addiction can lead to transference and countertransference and how their patterns can lead to murky relationship boundaries. Becoming a treatment counselor was not something I wanted to do when I grew up, in fact I was against it and laughed at those who were going to school to become one. I laughed at them while I smoked my pipe from the sidelines. That all changed the day my brother died of a heroin overdose. He was…

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  • Transference, Trauma Case Study

    share their stories, as well as those who are introverted and tend to avoid participation. Being able to utilize personality types in conjunction with transference feeds the ability of those who are introverted to speak out among the group without fear of being an outcast (Phillips, 2004). More often than not, it is the ability to openly address personal problems within a group or rather in front of a group, which allows one to build strength needed to handle problematic issues more…

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  • Transference In Lydia Davis's In A House Besieged

    The general plotline of the narrative illustrates a conflicted dialogue between a man and a woman under an ambiguous, but nevertheless somewhat anxious, circumstance. Though Davis’ tale is brief, the text interacts with the reader in complex manner. It is communicating a piece of experience, just as a patient would unravel a personal narrative to the analyst. Transference will inevitably develop over the course of the relationship, resulting in the therapist’s own subjective reactions to the…

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  • Summary: Cultural Transference Via Mongol Means

    Bunch, Justin Hist. 121 Fall 2014 Prof Zarinebaf Cultural Transference via Mongol Means In the early 13th century many settled civilizations from Europe to Asia were shaken and sundered by a group of people who were previously unheard of. A group of people not unlike the nomad tribes of the Middle East led by the Prophet Muhammad, a group of people not unlike the Saxons and later Vikings of continental Europe who brought about the destruction of the Roman Empire many years prior. For like…

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