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  • Biblical Counseling Vs Secular Counseling

    The book Competent to Counsel: Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling is a great read for people studying counseling and how to counsel others. It was published in 1970 and it was written by Jay E. Adams. Whilst reading the book, readers will understand the difference between nouthetic counseling and secular counseling. Nouthetic counseling means biblical counseling. The word nouthetic means to admonish, to rebuke or to warn in Greek. Worldly counseling is based on evolution and secular thinking. Nouthetic counseling is realizing a concern, confrontating the person and or the sin and doing something biblical to change that. One of the main differences between biblical counseling and man-centered counseling is that only biblical counseling relies…

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  • Effective Counseling

    Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling On the journey to becoming a clinical mental health counselor, students face many challenges. One such challenge is in establishing a relationship/rapport with each client in a manner that is non-judgmental, supportive, and healing directed (Cooper, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to apply the concepts presented in the course textbook (Erford, 2014), as well as those in supplemental readings, to a fictional scenario provided in the…

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  • Counseling Reflective Analysis

    Introduction Throughout this course, this writer has been challenged to practice counseling skills on either herself or volunteers to get use to the practice and implementing various techniques. This writer has gained additional awareness into what the counseling relationship looks like as well as how to challenge the client, problem solve, collect and reframe the story, identify possibilities, set goals, implement a plan, and ultimately lead the client to termination and maintenance. This…

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  • Counseling Theory And Practice

    EDU 701 Counseling Theory and Practice Assignment 1 Essay Name: Gulshan Kumar ID: 2012009572 Lecturer: Dr Sarita Deshpande Guidance and Counseling are referred to as two contradicting factors that enable an individual to solve his problems and achieve psychological, social, educational and professional compatibility; it involves interactive relationship that takes place between the Counselor and its client. Olayinka (1972) defined it to be “a process whereby a person is helped in a…

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  • Collaboration In Mental Health Counseling

    In mental health counseling collaborative services is important, it enhances the quality of service for a stable and long term recovery. In the recent article by Bachelor, A., Laverdière(2007) in their introduction they have stated that clients and counselors collaborations to be successful first the outcome goal has to be determined. In regards to collaborative services between therapists there has to be fundamental components of the therapeutic alliance, that will indicate the outcome…

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  • Counseling Psychology: A Personal Report

    The most difficult lessons had an immense impact on my outlook on life and in forming my individuality. Out of every challenging experience I have undoubtedly inherited something valuable. May it be a strengthening of my character, new levels of emotional intelligence or an opportunity to surround myself with incredible people. I make sense of almost everything through gratitude, which allows me to draw on the positives and leave the negatives behind – knowing that they are both parts of the…

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  • Confidentiality In Counseling Essay

    Confidentiality and Informed Consent In the counseling domain nothing hurts a therapist’s reputation or fidelity more than losing the trust and confidence of a client, a client’s family, or fellow colleagues. Therapists are professionals and are obligated, not to discuss a client’s information, case, or sessions with anyone. According to Lasky and Riva (2006), counselors have a legal and ethical obligation to protect confidential information disclosed to them. Legally, the therapist could be…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Career Counseling

    While the life design approach to career counseling may take longer than traditional approaches, Hughes et al. (2013) argued that it is much more effective. However, there are several limitations that may negatively affect this approach, as it pertains to this study. First, since this approach takes several sessions, the clients have to be motivated and committed throughout the process. Second, Hughes et al. (2013) provided a fictitious case study (that was a conglomeration of actual cases)…

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  • Counseling Career Choices: Career Analysis

    Work Settings One of the counseling career choices that have really intrigued me is becoming a marriage and family counselor. This area is where I feel most drawn to and feel the most passion. I would like to become a therapist for a private practice and later on after building clientele, open my own practice. This kind of career requires an undergraduate, usually in counseling, psychology, or sociology, a Master’s degree in counseling, two years of post-graduate work that is supervised…

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  • Mental Health Counseling Personal Statement

    My perception of a counselor role when I first entered the mental health counseling program at Touro back in 2013 was with a supporter of the mental illness came the awareness of the importance of counseling as a practice of treatment. During my journey, I discovered that counseling may be challenging as it needs to be individual detailed. What works for one individual may or may not work for another. Whereas “finding counseling” has felt like a very lengthy progression already, I know that the…

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