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  • Mental Health Counselor

    Mental Health Counselors Mental Health Counselors and Professional help people manage and overcome various of emotional and mental health issues. These professionals can work on various settings. Most commonly you will find mental health professionals in either a clinical or research setting. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median pay for a mental health worker is $43,190 per year or the equivalent of 20.77 USD an hour. Per the same study, the rate of job growth for Mental Health professionals was approximately 19% in 2014-2015 which is faster than average. (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2004) The Role of Mental Health Counselors and Sociologist Clinical 1 Mental Health Counselors and Sociologist help people manage and overcome…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Research Paper

    Editor vs. Mental Health Counselor When I was young, I had the dream of being a veterinarian. I was passionate about the well-being of animals, and was told I could be anything I wanted to be if I just believed in it. Upon learning that the sight of blood made me nauseous, I realized that wasn’t true in the least and that I must find an occupation that I have the skills for. After doing research on many careers that I am interested in, I have deduced that either a career as an editor or a mental…

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor Case Study

    counseling intervention (Welfel, E.R., & Patterson, L.E. (2005). This indicates that the client experience the lost in the client-counselor relationship, forgetting that this was a positive experience and struggles with the termination despite their knowledge of why they came to counseling in the first place (Welfel, E.R., & Patterson, L.E. (2005). The Clinical Mental Health Counselor’s characteristics and/or behaviors may influence the session in the case study is several skill hierarchic ways.…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Personal Statement

    Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, I intend on attempting the National Counselor Exam to become a National Certified Counselor and become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. Subsequently, my focus will remain on social justice in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community while maintaining a robust educational background in order to aid individuals who suffer with addiction. Thru the work at a local facility based housing program…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Goal Statement

    Goal Statement Personal, Academic, and Professional Goals/Personal Qualities: Currently applying to the Walden University Master of Science and specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program (MHCP). My goals are to retire from my current career field as a Department of the Army's Civilian and to continue to work with my first love. A mental health counselor to assist soldiers, family members, and civilians. As a retired twenty-two-year veteran, working with soldiers have always…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Orientation Research Paper

    Orientation Paper History The roots of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) can be traced back to vocational guidance. It would be Frank Parsons who would lay the ground for counseling by opening the Boston Vocational Bureau. He would go on to create the role of vocational counselor, which would utilize the counseling process. Parsons would later outline the counseling process in Choosing a Vocation. He described the process as “listening and gathering information from the client…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Career Essay

    What They Do Mental Health Counselors and their duties are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. They help treat and give patients ways to overcome emotional or mental disorders and relationship issues through therapeutic inquiry and try to offer a clearer understanding of their situation. The counselors often encourage the client to speak of the emotional or problematic experience; they make them open up. They help the patients, young and old, process what they’ve been going…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Job Analysis

    Out of all the applicable jobs I researched, a mental health counselor position is the best fit for me. Psychology has always interested me and I love being able to help people through their problems; this job brings both of these qualities together. While I will love this job, it will also stretch me quite a bit. I am not very good at talking to strangers, but this job will require me to do so. This job will push me out of my comfort zone in a positive way. With this job, I will have…

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  • Professional Mental Health Counselor: A Narrative Analysis

    Narrative Summary I had a chance interview Professional Mental Health Counselor on October 19, 2015, I had an opportunity to meet K.W. an License Professional Counselor-Mental Health (LCPC). Ms. K.W. also is licensed Therapist she services men and women struggling with Substance Abuses problems and Mental Health what we call now co-occurring disorder in an outpatient setting. In my interview with K.W., we had discussed 15 question that focus on the life of a Professional Mental Health Counselor,…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Narrative Report

    1. Are you ready to be a mental health counselor? How do you know? I believe in this semester I have learned many things that would make me a better counselor in training. I do not believe I am fully prepared/ready to be a mental health counselor yet. I believe even seasoned professionals can always learn from every experience they encounter and can only be ready by practicing/providing direct services to clients. I do believe that this class has taught me a great amount of knowledge about…

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