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  • Career Assessment In Career Development

    As stated previously, the client took all three career assessments listed above. Based on John Holland’s Self-Directed Search, the client received the specific results of SEC, known as Social (14), Enterprising (14), and Conventional (13). The self-identified occupations of interest by the client were teacher, counselor, entrepreneur, clergy member, and marriage and family counselor. Those more inclined to social careers require teaching, treating or healing others. These specific results include careers very similar to the clients, listing kindergarten teacher and mental health counselor. These individuals tend to be empathetic and friendly, with a concern to care for others. Those in the social professions tend to work with others in a…

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  • The Importance Of Career Design

    they are fully capable. The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance points out that ?there are more than 120 accredited interior design programs offered through art, architecture, and home economics in schools?. Professional schools usually offer two or three year certificates or diplomas in interior design and undergraduate degrees in four year programs. It is highly recommended to take courses that inform on the government regulations and safety standards of buildings. One of the…

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  • Career Center Reflection

    The first time I went to the career center was in my sophomore year. I was extremely stressed about declaring my major since this decision would determine the course of my future career. My indecisiveness began inhibiting my academic progress due to enrolling in irrelevant classes. It was during this walk-in that I first met Kay. Her friendliness helped ease the anxiety I felt about my situation and allowed me to comfortably disclose my thoughts, fears, and opinions. Kay understands that…

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  • Comparison Of Career Information Systems (Azcis) And Iseek Careers?

    In today’s world computerized career information systems are very important, as students rely in technology to learn about career development. Two of the career information systems that I had the opportunity to explore are Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS) and Iseek careers. Both systems present useful information for students who are interested in exploring furthering their education or interested in entering the workforce. AzCIS and Iseek systems are easy to read and understand and…

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  • Career Development Essay

    Career Development: Assessment, Feedback and Training. The ultimate goal of every corporation on this planet is to remain profitable and succeed in whatever goals the organization may have set for themselves. Economists and management theorists around the world have their own theories regarding how this should be accomplished but at the heart of some of them is the concept of human capital growth and its ability to act as the ultimate competitive advantage. One of the pioneers of the concept of…

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  • The Importance Of A Successful Career

    “Successful careers today are not planned out in advance.” This is my favorite quote from “Managing Oneself.” I enjoy this quote because it holds a lot of truth for careers in this day in age. Sure, some people might have known what they wanted to do when they grew up as a young kid and it ended up working out for them great, but that is usually not the case. A successful career takes a lot of building, changes and learning to create. This building starts as a young kid and then really…

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  • My Career Choice

    you make your own career choice rather than have a parent or someone else make it for you? I believe choosing a career is one of the most important decisions anyone will make in life. It is very important that I make my own career choice rather than have a parent or someone else make it for me. The career choice I make has a large influence in my life. Also, I will be the one who will spend 8 hours a day and five days a week doing the work. I know myself more than a parent or someone else,…

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  • Seven Stages Of Career Counseling Theories

    Career Counseling Theories Career theories are used to analysis career development and justify the reasoning why my career path continues to change. The theories provide an understanding why we are influenced to change our career decision-making through our experiences. Trait and factor: Frank Parsons (1909) developed the Trait and Factor Theory of Occupational Choice. He suggests that individuals perform their best when they work in jobs that are best suited to their abilities. There are…

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  • My Journey Through Career Exploration

    My journey through career exploration this year has been the most useful experience I have had to date in regards to figuring out what I would like to do with the rest of my life. I have had many opportunities because of this course to explore different resources, such as career panels, mock interviews, and online resources such as for the variety of careers that are available to me, and how I can go about pursuing them. I am thankful for how much I have learned in this course and…

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  • Three Steps To Developing A Projected Career Path

    Projected Career Path In order to plan my career path, I will break my journey down into three sections. Broscio and Sherer (2003) define these sections as understanding your reality, analyzing overlaps and gaps in that reality, and then developing a written plan based on that analysis. By utilizing the CSU-Global Career Porftolio Worksheet, I was able to fill in the information that is important to me. This involves listing my interests, work experience, and any education or training.…

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