The Importance Of A Successful Career

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“Successful careers today are not planned out in advance.” This is my favorite quote from “Managing Oneself.” I enjoy this quote because it holds a lot of truth for careers in this day in age. Sure, some people might have known what they wanted to do when they grew up as a young kid and it ended up working out for them great, but that is usually not the case. A successful career takes a lot of building, changes and learning to create. This building starts as a young kid and then really flourishes when one gets to college. That is where I am at in this point in time, college. My life is at the point where seeing a successful career in my future is taking a lot of focus and managing of myself to obtain.
For myself, I would say that I started
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My father also passed away when I was young, so my mother went back to school to get a better degree to support all of us. This is when managing myself spurred. I grew up as a very independent child. Seeing what my parents, particularly what my mother had gone through really pushed me to focus on myself and my schooling so that I could be successful. I pushed myself in high school, taking college courses that helped me develop into an adult, grow my knowledge and save money in the long run. Once I got to college is when it really became surreal. As a freshman, I came in with a whole year of my schooling done and big dreams, dreams that I fully intend to achieve. In my first year of college I managed two jobs, the women’s lacrosse team and achieving the dean’s list. This was tough work, but knowing what I could accomplish with these successes was all I needed. In my opinion, this internship was one of my greatest achievements of my …show more content…
I believe that I accept change very well. Actually, I usually embrace change because it typically brings positive outcomes. That is my mind set for managing changes that happen in my future career. I still have a lot of developing of myself to come though. I want to be able to place myself where I will make the greatest contribution. I will do that by focusing on my strengths and using those to my best ability and even building on those. Some of the strengths that I hold already are time management, ability to talk to anyone, teammate work, cooperation and organization. To help prepare me for my career, I will “put myself where my strengths make results.” Another way that I will prepare myself for changes in my career will be to figure out how I preformed based on my own personality. I kind of see this as similar to the question how do I learn? Throughout my schooling I have figured this out and I believe through work experience I will be able to solve the question of how do I preform? One more important step that I took away from this essay that I will do to prepare myself for my future career is to really narrow down and come to the conclusion of what my values are. Of course, values can change over time, but before I step into the working class world, this is something that is significant to me to be able to say. Especially because I do not want to go into a job or company that is not fundamentally

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