Personal Statement: Pursuing A Successful Career

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When I picture my future, the most prominent aspect of it is my happiness. The most probable source of my happiness would have to be finally believing I’ve done something great, something generating that gratifying feeling of “I made it”. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that throughout just about all of my school career, I’ve always known I wanted to work in a business-related profession and achieve success. Knowing that I want to pursue a prosperous career in this field, I have involved myself in karate, business classes and accounting activities, and leadership programs, just about all made possible by the Gear Up IV program.
Since the age of four, I have been involved in karate and I cannot seem to imagine myself without this sport
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Out of the varied selection, I opted for the business and management option and shortly discovered that it had been one of the most beneficial scholastic decisions I have made as it introduced me to the principles of the field and reinforced my interest exponentially as a result of working with real-life situations on a daily basis and immersing myself in the vocabulary and behavior of the business world; knowing that I had a lifetime ahead of me filled with the aforementioned made me confident I was making the right career choice. Soon I joined the UIL category of accounting after being introduced to it by an accounting course and realized that I wanted to pursue an education and career in this specific field. Becoming a part of UIL not only taught me advanced components of accounting, but required me to practice vigorously and learn how to work well under pressure as the tests are timed and competition is tenacious. Competing against other students was enjoyable because the more I learned meant the better my chance at winning and the broader my knowledge of accounting became. In a short amount of time, I was able to master exams with confidence, earning a substantial score without the constant worry of the time I had left or the validity of my responses and even advancing to the regional UIL meet of South Texas where I placed seventh out of …show more content…
By reason of Gear Up IV, I have had the pleasure of meeting with business school recruiters from Texas A & M University as well as visiting potential schools all across the state and learning about high demand fields of study. Right before the Gear Up program was introduced, I had a fair idea of what I was intending to study, but I remained unsure and had made no further necessary decisions about my post-secondary education. The reason I had not even thought about what university I wanted to go to or what career I wanted to pursue was due to a lack of resources and guidance. My parents, although always supportive of me, were limited as to what they could help me with when it came to making academic decisions beyond high school as they had not made any themselves other than the decision to halt their education career. Aside from a limited knowledge of higher education, my parents could not invest the time much less the money in my college search necessary for a quality college experience. Another dilemma with searching for an ideal college and career was being assisted by educators who would only be able to do so temporarily. Gear Up IV has served as the solution to all of the complications that would could eventually prevent a brilliant student from executing their potential and becoming greater than what they are. I, along with a multitude

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