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Career and College Research Paper
Being an elementary school teacher is not a frivolous career as teachers are in charge of educating the next generation. Although, it can be tough, I plan on pursuing that career. I plan on graduating from Oral Roberts University and taking on the responsibilities of being a teacher. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and duties for a particular career when making this decision.
The job is located at a private or public school, I 'm not sure which I want to teach at yet. I want to move away and start teaching somewhere up north. When teaching, the work hours are somewhat flexible. “Teachers typically work during school
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Teachers can not be cantankerous towards children or their parents. Another trait that would be helpful in this field would be creativity mostly because teachers have to be able and teach while still having all the kids engaged with their assignments and what they are learning. Teachers also have to keep a calm head, as they can not accost their students. As a teacher I wish to teach honesty, communication skills, and patience mostly because these are qualities not only a teacher should possess but should pass on to their …show more content…
The ACT score that is required for ORU is a 20 and the required SAT score is 940. Sometimes colleges do not even look at scores some would rather see what students do outside of school such as community service and church activities.
School has been rough mostly because getting straight A’s is a bit difficult for me but this school year I plan on trying to keep my grades up by turning in my stuff on time. A personal goal I set for myself would be try staying positive no matter how this school year ends. The only way I plan achieving these goals is by not letting anyone bring me down and by doing my work when asked and turning it on time.
Graduation is coming up soon and there are just a few things I need to start and finish before graduating in 2018. The first thing I need to do before graduating is make sure I have finished and passed all my classes so I will be able to get my diploma and head off to college. The next thing I will probably need to do is take a campus tour mostly because I will not be able to picture myself there unless I actually see the school. The last thing I need to do that will help me out in the long run would be apply for scholarships. After all that hard work I should be a teacher that graduated from Oral Roberts University and changing the world one kid at a

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