Career And College Research Paper

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Career and College Research Paper
Being an elementary school teacher is not a frivolous career as teachers are in charge of educating the next generation. Although, it can be tough, I plan on pursuing that career. I plan on graduating from Oral Roberts University and taking on the responsibilities of being a teacher. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and duties for a particular career when making this decision.
The job is located at a private or public school, I 'm not sure which I want to teach at yet. I want to move away and start teaching somewhere up north. When teaching, the work hours are somewhat flexible. “Teachers typically work during school hours” (“Summary.”). Depending on how busy or how much homework they have to grade, they might stay late or take it home to finish grading.”(“Summary”) Teachers teach for a full 10 months unless they teach year round school. If I were to teach in a year round school, I would teach for eight weeks then have a one week break just before starting a new school year.
Being a teacher, my daily routine would consist of creating lesson plans and elucidating the information so the children can easily understand it. A few other things I would have to do is talk to the parents and keep them updated about how their kids are acting and doing in class, prepare the students for standardized testing, enforce the the rules and make sure everyone is

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