Career Satisfaction Of The Elementary Teacher

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To begin with, Education is an important aspect for anyone to have. Without education people are limited to many things. As I was thinking of education many things came up to my mind but one thing that really stuck to me was, “What do elementary education teachers say about their profession?” This led me to find this article that talks about the insights of the elementary teacher profession. As I read this article I found many interesting points and made me think of me as a future teacher. As mentioned above, there are many interesting things in this article. The purpose for this journal article was to determine the level of career satisfaction of elementary teachers who have been teaching for 15 or more years, and to identify what has kept them in the teaching profession. This research was started by Michael Huberman …show more content…
This topic is important to elementary educators for many reasons. One reason is that, this shows that people do care about this profession, because as mentioned in the article many people don’t take it seriously like it’s a profession. Another reason why it is important, it is because people can see the reasons why an elementary educator is still an educator. Many times people don’t see elementary education as a serious profession because people think they do a lot of work to get paid so little, or that educators are stressed all the time, and that it is not as important profession than like being a doctor or lawyer. Reading this article has really inspired me to become a teacher because to me Elementary educators, are just as important like someone who is a doctor or an accountant. One last reason why this is important is because, I believe this helps those who are pursing to become an educator see all the satisfactions that there are to this profession. Sure, it can get hard at times but like anything in this world…nothing is easy. What is important, is to have passion for this

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