Relationship Between Individual Characteristics And Job Satisfaction

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This chapter will introduce the topic of relationship between individual characteristics, job characteristics and job satisfaction among primary school teacher. Work plays an important part in our lives and it occupies much more time compare with any other particular activity, it also provides the financial basis for our standard of living. As a result, job satisfaction is a vital exploration for numerous experts and one of the most common research for working attitudes. The job satisfaction has remained as fundamental issue in defining the organizational effectiveness. It reflects an individual sensitivities’ towards work that affect both the individual’s and organization performances. Therefore, the important of job satisfaction is to encourage organization members to engage in a kind of behaviour that facilitate them in achieving the effective performance and productivity with their work.
Existing literature proposes that individual job satisfaction is identified by individual characteristic and job characteristic. The basic statement of the relationship between individual characteristic and job characteristic with
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Hackman and Oldham’s said job characteristics consisting of autonomy, feedback, skill variety, task identity and task significance influence the job satisfaction. When employers are suited with the applicable autonomy, related feedback, adequate skill variety, clear task identity and significance; they will be more firm psychologically. Thus, it is important for employees being occupied with these characteristics as it will influence their tendency on the job they are committed with, aggregate their responsibility and significantly raising their vision on every task they should be working. Furthermore, the employee will be more satisfied with their job and in turn, it will reduce the employee absenteeism and

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