Professional Development Of Teachers In India

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Need of the hour: Professional Development of Teachers in India

Education is the source of all achievements in the journey of one 's whole life. Education broadens the horizon of understanding it makes the man know the worth of him as well as others. History is a witness that no country became successful without educated citizens. Good education is a passport to a comfortable and prosperous life. My nation India is on the march towards a bright and prosperous tomorrow. The social organ plays the most important role in this aspect is education. Without a sound and goal oriented system of education, the dream of reconstructing nation 's economic, social and political life cannot be realized, in order to fulfill the ideals, the quality of education
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Hence the teaching profession plays an extremely vital role in the development of a nation. As it is the teacher who prepares the citizens of tomorrow, hence their training depict how they will be in a position to educate pupil placed in their charge. The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of education at school and university level; and quality of education depends upon the teachers. Thus, the quality of teachers is very important in making a nation great. Teachers are the nation builders and they are the backbone of society. According to Court is Stuart A: "A teacher is an agent appointed to develop citizenship who can live successfully in the culture of the country".
In my essay I would like to analyze the importance of professional development and training of teachers in India.

Evolution of Education

In the earlier times the traditional societies lacked formal education or even if it existed, it was in the form of a symbiotic process i.e. boys picked up skill or knowledge from their fathers in the very process of living together. Later in some societies teaching became a hereditary profession. Imparting education remained confined to the some sections only. In due course, formal education system emerged in
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A teacher is expected to indulge in a number of diverse activities as a part of their profession. A teacher is concerned not only with the intellectual development of his students but also with the moral, emotional, and aesthetic development. Professional development of teachers, one should possess certain skills, such as knowledge, interpersonal, intrapersonal, planning, preparation, observation and listening. Most important of all is the knowledge (conceptual skill) of the subject for which they are appointed. Lacking in this area will not bring confidence in the teacher and even the students will not be motivated towards the concepts, skills and attitudes. Apart from basic knowledge base a teacher is expected to have knowledge of methods and media of pupil and their characteristics of educational objectives etc. Beside this a teacher is expected to develop certain amount of professional skill such as planning, preparation, behavior, interventions and instruction. A teacher should be in a position to carry out instructions in accordance with the specific needs of the students. Teacher should be able to select a productive instructional system and use adequate measures like the audio and visual aids. Using precise, remedial, compensatory and realistic teaching techniques facilitates the student learning. The teachers are able to

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