Using Descriptive Statistics And Pearson 's Correlation Coefficient

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This article used the appropriate statistical procedures for the study. Using descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation allows the researcher to reveal if any correlation coefficients among variables are found. Also, using the path analysis to find the relationships among the variables was a key factor. The sample was significant for the study and the path analysis model because it required a large number of cases and this study had 2,565 participants. The responses from the survey allowed the researcher to use factor analysis to find the types of subscales. It was useful since it allowed finding the most common responses from the participants. Factor analysis creates clusters based on both categorical and continuous variables (Green & Salkind, 2014).
To answer the third hypotheses a multilevel modeling was used to avoid any independence of residuals assumptions. This statistical procedure was use since the data can be organized in more than one level. This analysis provided an additional tool to evaluate the data. In addition, the multilevel modeling was used to control for school random effect and for the diverse organizational characteristics. Because of the two types of job satisfaction results a multilevel modeling procedure was conducted. Various components were differently associated the two types of satisfaction.
This study utilized the appropriate statistical procedures to find the hypotheses. The data indicated that job satisfaction for teachers come

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