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  • Statistics: The Application Of Statistics In Fantasy Sports

    My View on Statistics Statistics, the all encompassing, universal method of scientifically verifying and studying individuals and their characteristics. The applications of Statistics in any field be it finance, psychology, computer science, ecology, etc. never ends. “Big Data” as some would call it defines the scientific driven decisions of modern companies (The Age of Big Data, Lohr). Statistics uses any type of data to describe a characteristic of many individuals in a population. This information goes into “Big Data” to evaluate the necessary actions to take on optimizing a desired result from the population. When it comes to divisive decisions that improve the world or fill someone’s pockets with boatloads of money, proper use of Statistics…

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  • Misleading Statistics

    explains that though statistics do not need to be avoided, they do, however, need to be evaluated. She also emphasizes that the misleading information found in some statistics is not always the product of careless work. Sometimes these lies happen completely on accident. Wolf also stresses that statistics do not represent the entire population, but rather a probability. Because of this, any statistic has the potential to be misleading. The article begins by explaining misleading statistics and…

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  • Statistics Worksheet

    Statistics Worksheet Part A Question 1 a) Below is the calculation for the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient between the total number of problems correct and the attitude toward test taking. Total no. of problems correct (out of a possible 20): X Attitude toward test taking (out of a possible 100): Y (X - X ̅)² (Y - Y ̅)² (X-X ̅)(Y-Y ̅) 1 17 94 1.96 204.49 20.02 2 13 73 6.76 44.89 17.42 3 12 59 12.96 428.49 74.52 4 15 80 0.36 0.09 -0.18 5 16 93 0.16 176.89 5.32 6 14 85 2.56 28.09…

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  • Statistics In Healthcare

    When used for its intended purpose, statistics can be the catalyst for decision making in the field of medicine, politics, science, economics, social science and nursing. Statistics can assist healthcare providers in their fight toward health promotion and disease prevention. It influences the discovery of new medicine and technology with the hope of one day eradicating many diseases. When statistics is misused, misinterpreted, and misrepresented the outcomes could be…

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  • Statistics Review

    Statistics review: Role of statistics in animal sciences Abstract This review throws the light on applications of statistics in animal sciences, and answering the question of how are statistics playing a vital role in veterinary field and biology .Also it presents different statistical methods that can be used in different studies. The basic statistical concepts should be known. The subject of statistics includes, design of a study that it will provide the biologist with the most information…

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  • Multicollinearity Statistics

    Multicollinearity Multicollinearity is one of the common problems in spatial regression analysis. Sometimes some or all of the explanatory variable are highly correlated in the sample data, which means that it is difficult to tell which of them is influencing the dependent variable (Barrow, 2009, p. 306). Hence, to check whether the independent variables are correlated with each other, a correlation matrix for the three indicators was measured using excel. The correlation matrix in table 2…

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  • Descriptive Statistics

    Kurtosis is a statistical measure used to describe the distribution of observed data around the mean. Descriptive statistics do not enable us to make conclusions beyond the data we have analysed or reach conclusions regarding any inference we might have made. Measures of variability are another important technique used in descriptive statistics. These measures define the methods of summarizing a group of data by describing how spread out the data is. To describe this spread, a number of…

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  • Coffman Descriptive Statistics

    Discuss what descriptive statistics were used well in the Coffman article Descriptive statistics are is by researchers to describe, compare, and to characterize a relationship. (Polit, 2010) “Descriptive Statistics are used to present quantitative and qualitative descriptions in a manageable form” (Trochim, 2006). Coffman study on the the effects of tangible social support and depression on diabetes self efficacy in Hispanic older adults, demonstrated appropiate and good use of descriptive…

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  • Everyday Life Statistics

    In our everyday life statistics are used in some form probably more than we realize. At home, you could be keeping a running average of your utility bills to see if differences appear. If you are looking at paying off your mortgage five years early, you will need to calculate the amount needed to accomplish this achievement. Some of us that may have purchased stocks will keep stats on the highs and lows of their investments to help determine a time to possibly sale the stock. The use of…

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  • Inferential Statistics Quiz

    . Which inferential statistics would you choose for the following sets of variables? Explain your answers (refer to Figure 17.5 on page 384 in Polit & Beck). A. Variable 1 represents the weights of 100 patients; variable 2 is the patients’ resting heart rate. a. The inferential statistics utilized in this analysis is the Wilcoxon signed-rank test, the nonparametric two-group study involves two measurable (paired scores) one being the patients weight and the other resting heart…

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