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  • Validity In Research

    The concept of validity in research has been broadly used in academia and by researchers in different fields of study. The dictionary of social research methods compiled by Jupp (2006) defines validity as “the extent to which conclusions drawn from research provide an accurate description of what happened or a correct explanation of what happens and, why.” Similarly, Creswell (2014) described validity as a procedural benchmark for assessing the accuracy of an investigation and the conclusions made from such investigation and the reason for such conclusion. Importantly, Ryman (2004) pointed out that validity is the framework that enables research findings to be measured and accepted through its accuracy. Boswell and Cannon (2014) identified…

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  • The Four Types Of Research

    According to the oxford dictionary, Research is defined as the systematic investigation into a subject area or the study of materials in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Research is also often said to be an endeavor to discover new or collate old knowledge through scientific study subjected to a rigorous and critical investigation Usually a research is commissioned or carried out where there is a burning question or a problem that needs to be resolved or answered. It could be…

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  • Responsible Conduct Of Research

    changed the way research is conducted on a national level. In December of that year, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) (hereafter referred to as the “Agencies”) unveiled the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research. This policy document was coupled with two other significant changes. One of which was voting to expand…

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  • Research Theory And Practice

    Research, Theory, and Practice: Integration and Approach Leedy and Ormrod (2014) defined Research “as a systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information—data—in order to increase our understanding of a phenomenon about which we are interested or concerned.” Research is sometime as a result of interest or a conscious and deliberate pursue of knowledge to solve a problem, drive innovation, improve efficiency and effectiveness of existing process or operations. Research…

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  • Reflexivity In Qualitative Research

    Qualitative research is used by researchers in order to investigate the deeper meaning of experiences and attitudes behind social behavior. The nectar of qualitative research can be found through truthful reporting, first hand recollection of experiences, and quotes from actual interviews or focus group discussions1. It for this reason, that the concept of reflexivity should never be overlooked by a researcher. Reflexivity involves reflecting back on the research process and aiming to…

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  • Effective Research Papers

    Writing an Effective Research Paper Research papers may seem extremely difficult, but with a few simple steps it is not as bad as you may think. When writing a paper it takes three major steps that are typically broken down into smaller categories. Be sure not to stray away from your topic of choice as you begin to write. Also, use things such as “Stylics, in-text citations, and references” (Lee, 2014). If executed correctly, you are certain to have an effective research paper. Now, pay…

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  • Sexting Research Proposal

    Significance/contribution of the research (200 words) This research proposal in the topic of sexting within the adolescents and young adults’ is significant, because it will help improve clarification to the sexting (terms and definitions). Correct definition within the general community help towards a valid argument were might be required. In order to better inform those more burnable in society. Systematic empirical research will help predict healthy and unhealthy behaviour in sexting.…

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  • Common Misperceptions In Research

    psychology is the study of the mental processes and behavior. The mental processes include intelligence, memory and problem solving. While the behavior includes feelings, actions, and biological states. The reason why psychology is considered a science is because they use the scientific methods to test the ideas about behavior. 3.Name some of the scientific research methods Some of the scientific research methods include a survey and a quasi-experiment. A survey is when they gather a large…

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  • Ethical Issues In Research

    Ethical Problem With Adam Kramer Massive Psychological Experiment Introduction There exist several moral issues concerning participating in an activity of researching.Ethical issues arise in the several areas.When gathering information, research is required to better conditions by providing any piece of research that is likely to help community indirectly or directly; it is allowed to ask a question.Unethical arises when this social scientist is not able to justify the relevance of…

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  • Experiential Market Research

    After the analyses and discussions above, accordingly, certain research implications can be obtained which could be useful for experiential marketing researchers, social media researchers and e-business researchers. One implication is that this empirical research enriches the understanding of the relationship between customer experience and the perceived usefulness, perceived fulfillment and so forth for the online shopping within internal social platform, since it verified the significant…

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