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  • Reflexivity In Research

    1. What is reflexivity? As the researchers are primary data collection instruments in the qualitative study, reflexivity is considered crucial (Merriam, 1998). Reflexivity helps to understand the phenomenon under research and the research process itself (Watt, 2007). It is an ability of the researcher to acknowledge that the researchers themselves influence inquiry and research findings in various ways. Reflexivity is an anatomy of the researcher by the researcher to validate their own research process and findings. Researcher reflects continuously on how their own actions, values and perceptions affect data collection and analysis (Lambert et al. 2010). As a co-constructor of meaning, the researcher approaches to subjectivity by “bracketing”…

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  • Research Questions: Research Analysis 2: Re-Do

    Research Analysis 2: Re-do 1. How did you select this research study to analyze? What search terms did you use? What database did you use? What was your rationale for selecting this particular study to analyze over the others in the search results? What is the full reference for the study in APA format? In search for this article I used the One Search library data base from University of North Florida (UNF) library website. The terms used were “deaf reader’s intervention strategies”.…

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  • TMC Research Ethics

    to complete TMC research: Be fair and honourable conduct in all relationships, TMC staff should always provide relevant and reliable information about the research with participants and society. Ensuring employees who are committed to integrity, honesty, openness etc. Full, fair, truthful, timely and reasonable disclosure in public reports and documents, the Participants that involve in the research should be benefited and acknowledge. Protection of all confidential and proprietary information…

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  • The Four Types Of Research

    According to the oxford dictionary, Research is defined as the systematic investigation into a subject area or the study of materials in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Research is also often said to be an endeavor to discover new or collate old knowledge through scientific study subjected to a rigorous and critical investigation Usually a research is commissioned or carried out where there is a burning question or a problem that needs to be resolved or answered. It could be…

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  • The Importance Of Exploratory Research

    Research methods are a broad term. While methods of data collection and data analysis represent the core of research methods, the focus of the research is to collect data that can test both dependent and independent variables (Cresswell, 2008). The nature of the dependent variable (social media) in the hypothesis dictates the methodology and design for this perspective study. Therefore, the researcher is proposing an exploratory research to fully expose the potential and conceptual distinctions…

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  • The Importance Of Qualiality In Research

    Privacy and confidentiality have the same concepts but they are not the same. Privacy protects the participants’ information while confidentiality ensures the participant that their information is safe. Maintaining the privacy of research study participants is the primary way that scientists adhere to the do no harm clause. Failure to respect the participants’ privacy and confidentiality in research is an egregious violation since it infringes upon a person in many aspects such as…

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  • The Importance Of Ethics In Research

    about late work and classroom policies along with prompts to contact her with questions. The first unit’s discussion was regarding scientific thinking and the steps of the research method. Defining questions, conducting research, and pre-reading to insure that the same question is not asked over and over and over again. Conducting the study exactly as was done before is not necessary, so conducting background reading to insure that the research you are planning to do is individual. Analyzing…

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  • Homeschooling Research Proposal

    1.0 Problem introduction This research proposal focuses on the social factors that influence homeschooling.the research approach used in this paper is qualitative research method. 1.1 Topic Basham (2012) home based education or home schooling is changing society image of education as it grows the scope and popularity in many nations. This non-traditional education is expanding at enormous rate in the united rates.basham (2001)during the last 20 years the general public familiarity with home…

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  • The Importance Of Research Parameters

    preparing quantitative manuscripts for publication in counseling journals (Trusty, 2011, p. 261). Trusty (2011) mentioned that this article was “intended as an aid for aspiring authors in conceptualizing studies and formulating valid research designs” (p. 261). Information was conferred on choosing variables, measures, and on indicating statistical analyses paradigms. The subsequent portion of the article discloses the readiness of manuscripts for publication which included the delivery of data…

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  • Characteristics Of A Research Question

    The qualities of a research question: There are several qualities of research question and these includes: clear, concise, elegant, theoretically rich and. grammatically correctness, Bryman (2007: 6) textbook writers have almost ritualistically extoled the significance and importance of the clear research questions. This consequently means that if the research question is not good enough, the research is bound to fail. A clear research question should be clear so that other people can easily…

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