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  • Case Study Of Resident Assistant

    On Tuesday, August, 23, 2016 at approximately 07:00 PM, resident Ung Gi Koh came and asked Resident Assistant (RA) Todd McKinney about a "awkward situation" of how to carry unique, and possibly embarrassing personal items over to University Gates Apartments. RA McKinney suggested putting it in his suitcase that resident Koh had lying on the floor. Resident Koh liked the idea and took RA McKinney 's idea. At approximately 7:15 PM, resident Koh returned from his journey with the suitcase and told RA McKinney that his girlfriend at University Gates Apartment, was going to come get the items. Later at approximately 7:40 PM resident Koh returned to RA McKinney 's suite and explained that resident Koh 's suitcase had been stolen. RA McKinney asked resident Koh…

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  • Essay: A Career As A Resident Assistant

    housing, gender-inclusive housing, and standard co-educational, non-thematic options. Regardless of a student’s housing selection, the student will live in a community that is maintained by Resident Assistants. Depending on the housing configuration, an on-campus student, referred to as a resident, will have either a Resident Assistant on her/his floor, or one Resident Assistant for the entire building. The role of a Resident Assistant at the University of Connecticut is…

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  • Resident Assistant Case Study

    As a Resident Assistant, I can expect to be confronted with at least a few incidents on a given weekend night. Although these incidents are often unpredictable in the sense that no two incidents are entirely alike, there are some general assumptions I can make before confronting the incident. One of the strongest assumptions allows me to hypothesize the trajectory of the incident based on the genders of the individuals involved. Based on my experience as a Resident Assistant, incidents involving…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Resident Advisor Essay

    would love to become a Resident Advisor. To help make campus housing fun and safe is the first reason. Students spend majority of their time in college inside the residence halls. I want to be able to show students that he/ or she can do more than just sleep here. RSA and other RA’s provide many fun events to the students and I would love to a part of planning those fun events. In addition, I would like to show students that he or she does not have to party or drink in order to have fun, but he…

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  • Resident Aliens Book Review

    Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon use Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony to argue that the church has been called on by God to be what they call a “unique colony” within today’s world, and not a social group who makes their decision based on society’s opinions. The authors chose to use the metaphor of a colony to symbolize that although the church is part of the state its first priority is God and his will, rather than the governments. The second metaphor the authors chose to…

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  • Sample Practicum Reflection

    provides help and take care of the needs of the individuals in each group home. Most of the residents…

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  • Theories Of Dramatism

    in one’s life, but one that I can see very evident is my role as a resident assistant. A resident assistant’s job is to supervise a floor or building of residents on a college campus. They are responsible for making sure that residents have a fun, healthy and safe college experience. As an RA, there are several meetings and events that one has to attend and plan, including a weekly module meeting, small group meetings with other RA and larger group meetings with all Residence Life staff. We…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Where Is My Baby Doll

    One observation I’ve made is that each of the (TR) try to connect with the resident so they can be engage and participate in the activity. I also observe how some of the TR staffs persuade the resident to join group activities. Another observation I made is when my supervisor does a particular group activity like crosswords. She would try to get some of the residents to participants by giving clues or hints for specific answer in order for the resident to figure out the answer. Moreover, I have…

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  • Integrity Reflection

    year community, I strive to create a knowledgeable and approachable presence of myself for all residents of Campus Village 2 so they can learn and explore what SJSU has to offer them. I understand my role as a resource and take advantage as a way to expose residents to opportunities of student involvement and concepts to assist through their academics. Whether a first year considers to change their major or not, does not change my interactions with them pertaining to SJSU’s mission;…

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  • My Experience In A Nursing Home

    The drab, depressing ambiance of the nursing home led me to believe that the home was for people with lower or limited income. If the nursing home was making money, it was not being spent to make the building look inviting or comfortable for visitors or residents. The look of unhappiness from the people living there could be the lack of attention from the caretakers as well as the lack of visitors. I recalled the man in the lunchroom asking for water and being ignored. I also thought of Emma…

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