CCPH Case Study

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♣ Updates given on current research activities with discussion of any barriers to study completion
♣ Discussion of future research plans and advising on specific aims and grant applications
♣ Identification of research, community, and patient research partners
♣ Review academic scholarship including manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and presentations prior to submission
♣ Review academic promotion packets for academic researchers
♣ Review promotional materials community scientists
♣ Review and advice on career moves including considerations on movement to new positions
♣ Peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching on developing sustainable CERP partnerships
♣ Guidance on ways to enrich community and patient collaborations to support not only researchers efforts but the work of the research stakeholders
♣ Presentation focused reaching professional and personal goals
♣ Information on work-life balance and ways to prevent burnout
♣ Discussion of
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CCPH, established in 1997, is a nonprofit membership organization that encourages partnerships between communities and academic institutions to promote health equity and social justice to increase wellness. CCPH view on health broadly crosses the dimensions of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. CCPH emphasizes partnership that promotes action across the dimensions of health to change circumstances, conditions, and environments that we “live, work, study, pray and play.” ( CCPH is in the forefront of providing training and educational opportunities to community-engaged collaborative partners around research, capacity-building for coalitions, and advocating for policies that guarantees and values partnerships. As part of these efforts CCPH, started XX and CES4Health.Info to reach their membership and other CPER groups interested increase community-academic engagement in

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