Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of Pursuing A Medical Degree

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Prior to my experience in the Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP), I simply wanted to “help people”. This broad and shallow reason for my pursuit of a medical degree has since been redefined.
My pursuit of a medical degree is greatly strengthened by the Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP). During the SPHSP the program exposed us to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and my eyes were opened to unique way help people. I admired the measures that FQHCs put in place to effectively serve a population of people that, under normal circumstances, would not be able pursue healthcare. FQHCs aligned closely to the sense of equity that I began to develop as I was exposed to communities
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I have been exposed to and now have an understanding of some of the socio-economic and cultural factors of health that every physician must consider in the delivery of quality healthcare. I have shown commitment to this path by contributing to the diabetes control and weight loss counseling sessions lead by Dr. Oliva Newby and James Newby. This experience impacted me by allowing me to see the relationship of these primary care physicians have with the patients and eliminating my social barriers. Dr. Newby 's physician-patient relationship serves as a model for the relationships with my future patients. This experience was truly beneficial by giving me the chance to experience the social component of being a physician. Lastly, my identity will allow me to connect with a population that needs to be focused on by healthcare …show more content…
I want to be able to face social obstacles in medicine to provide quality healthcare for all. My motive in getting a medical training is much deeper than any goal for financial gains. As a aspiring physician I want to deconstruct any negative stigma associated with medicine and improve the health of marginalized communities by promoting healthcare literacy and implementing community lead programs. The opportunity to be given the means to incorporate an impactful positive mark in the world is one I excitingly look forward

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