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A Letter from the Future

Dear younger Kelsey, happy thirteenth birthday! How does it feel to finally be a teenager? I’m sure that you are more than excited to begin this new chapter in your life. As a present to you, and or myself, I figured you could give you a heads up as far as what to expect for the next five years of your life. Throughout your adolescence you go through high school, achieve many personal goals, and even begin your college journey! On your first day of high school expect to be miserable, because you are no longer in the same school district as all of your friends. So, for not even two weeks you will attend Pine Forest High School, where there is not enough lockers for freshman, seniors can kick you out of your seat on the bus, and you know absolutely no one except for a few kids who you went
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With your sweet sixteenth birthday you will also get a sweet first job. No seriously, on your birthday you will get called in to start your first day on the job at Dreamland Skate Center. For you, your job is going to be a piece of cake, and at first you won’t get many hours, but stick with it because once they know that you are serious they will get serious right back. Also, once you get a nice and steady paycheck you will get your first car! Your first car will be a shimmery-green, two thousand and five Mazda six, and although it isn’t a Beamer, you will still enjoy it. But, with the new set of wheels comes a great new responsibility called a car payment, which you will also manage to pay off pretty early with lots of hard work. By the end of your sixteenth year you will have graduated high school a whole year early! Despite the long school days, the hours spent doing extra work, and the countless nights you will spend studying, you will really out do yourself when you walk across that stage at sixteen with a cumulative grade point average of

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