The Transition Of Middle High School Essay

829 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
The transition from middle to high school is an exhilarating yet trying time in a student’s life. One loses touch with old friends while discovering new friends, norms, rules, and lifestyles. As I immersed myself into this transition, I discovered a spark ignited in me. Soon I found the importance of school socially and academically and began to strive for new heights I had yet to discovery. Because I discovered this spark early on, I have grown socially and academically throughout the years which has allowed me to and handle everyday situations more easily.
Starting my freshman year at North Augusta High School, I found myself still fixed in the egotistical 8th grade mindset; I was far superior to all other students because of my status of ‘top dog’. I completely was oblivious to the little knowledge and impact I had in high school. As I squeezed myself down the small hallways amongst the older students, I realized how different my world had become and how I would have to adapt; in other words, a spark ignited in me. Each student is affected differently during this transition time. Do they expand their spark or distinguish it. This choice influences not only a high school career but a lifelong career. Choosing to grow this spark led me down a path that has had an impact in every part of my life. As I faced more obstacles, this small spark began to grow and spread throughout my whole body. Excelling academically began to allow me to create an impact in my school…

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