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  • Social Work Internship

    agency (BWIL), with that experience in social work roles, human rights and social justice with individuals that are having challenges with independent living. This organization helped with the needs of individuals with any disability, physical and/or mental. Lapeer County has a large population of individuals that fall into this category. This paper will look at areas of a social workers role, advocacy, human rights as well as social policy. We will look at when social work roles, human rights and social justice came into play in an organization, as well as how this organization advocates, informs, and supports all people with disabilities to live independently using social…

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  • Gerontological Social Work

    Introduction As a social worker, there is a limitless amount of possibilities when choosing a career to pursue in. One can select a field to practice in based on an interest or their own personal experience. For example, a social worker could have had experience dealing with her grandmother who needed help socially and psychologically. With a desire to accommodate the elderly who obtain problems similar to her grandmother, she could be interested in the field of practice of the elderly and…

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  • Theories In Social Work

    method and are utilized in all domains of social and psychology practices. By observing people scientifically, the social worker can obtain systematic descriptions of human tendencies and differences among people and their environments. This paper will highlight two key theories used in both historically and contemporary social work. Next, a description of the main research areas and methods used within the field of social work are defined and described providing an explanation of how these…

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  • Reflection On Social Work

    Two Things I Didn’t Know The first thing I learned about the social work practice while at Mille Lacs County is that not all situations will play out how you want them to. Of course I knew that in a general sense; however, there were many situations that I was a part of and/or heard about at the county where things didn’t go down how they were expected to, wanted to, or maybe even should have. This job can be unpredictable with clients as well as with judges and that is something that we just…

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  • Reflection In Social Work

    To begin with, role playing consist of performing a specific role and it help individuals see if they would react appropriately in a real life situation. There are many different ways you can prepare for a role play but planning ahead is a huge part of role play. I made sure me and my partner came up with a specific group to focus on and was sure to know the purpose behind the group. I also prepared for the role play by making sure I stayed calm, professional, and made sure I would be able to…

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  • Social Work Reflection

    Although I am not settled on any particular area of social work, I am most interested in working with adolescents or younger. I am open to the options that this may include. Some opportunities that I have considered working for are an adoption center or a pregnancy center that reaches out to teen mothers. Although I would like to work with children and adolescents, I do not think I have an interest in working with child protective services. I have also thought about eventually becoming a play…

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  • Reflection In Social Work

    from field this year (fall & spring)? Personally, I have grown by living in the here and now, enjoying the present moment. In the fall, I was more focused on getting to the end of my master’s career, but I understood the experience of learning, interacting with friends, and the “whole” school experience would not be obtained again. I search my soul to understand how to live in the “moment” while still planning for the future. I begin to understand this process when I began individual therapy.…

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  • Social Work Reflection

    Southern University (TSU) social work intern at Interfaith Ministries Greater Houston – Meals on Wheels (MOW) which is located on 3303 Main St. Houston TX. 77002. “In 1955, the Houston Council of Churches dispatched Interfaith Ministries (IM) ancestor association, the Church Welfare Bureau, to sort out the Protestant group to clergyman to those in need. In 1964, the Bureau was revamped as Protestant Charities, a gathering that was joined and reinforced by the Jewish group. Formally sanctioned as…

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  • Field Work: Core Competencies In Social Work

    According to the Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards, Council on Social Work Education, Inc., competencies are “measurable practice behaviors that are comprised of knowledge, values, and skills. The goal of the outcome approach is to demonstrate the integration and application of the competencies in practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.” (2008, 2012) There are ten core competencies that in order to be proficient in practice each social worker…

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  • Professional Identity In Social Work

    1. What the debate around the professional identity of social workers is as presented in the book? The debate around the professional identity of social workers is clinical social work practice vs. social services social work. According to the authors (Specht & Courtney, 1994) “This 1919 shift to psychiatry was the significant intellectual choice of the century for social work as a profession”. (p. 21). The authors believe that social work practitioners need to shift their practice towards…

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