Socialist feminism

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  • Marxist/Socialist Feminism Essay

    Feminists believe society is patriarchal, that it is male dominated and that there is an inequality amongst the sexes. Feminists strive for political, social and economic equality. With this being said, there are many types of feminism and this essay will be from the view point of a Marxist/Socialist Feminist. This essay will also focus on university life such as attendance and academic knowledge being gendered. Marxist/Socialist feminism refers to the belief that the gendered division of labour is a direct reinforcement of women’s oppression in society. Furthermore, they point out that men are still getting paid higher wages than women and that they have historically dominated managerial positions. Furthermore, gender and class are the main reasons for a women’s oppression in society (Hennessy and Ingraham, 1997). Attending university has become commodified and through this we as students have become consumers. University has now become a source of financial…

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  • The Theme Of One Day In The Life Of Ivan Feiukovich

    Authors portray characters in different ways to help express events that are happening in the world that they live in that are either in some cases forbidden to talk about or are a sensitive topic for most of the population. In the novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich certain characters such as Ivan, Alyosha, Tiurin, and Fetiukov all have different backgrounds but all end up in the same situation which is being thrown into the gulag and they all have the different traits that could…

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  • George Kennan Research Paper

    George Kennan created, and sent, quite an intricate telegram pertaining to the Soviet Union government, and small details on the people who reside within the USSR. I will attempt to summarize the details to answer critical questions asked of him, pertaining to development of a response for the US considering this matter. While some details are redundant to the US due to previously known details, Mr. Kennan has proposed interesting views that should be given attention too, with the greatest…

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  • Effects Of The Second Wave Of Feminism

    McAnaney Block F 9/30/15 Second Wave of Feminism in France Revolutions have been taking place for centuries now, and are acts of rebellion used to initiate change in society. A revolution is usually when a group of people disagree on the ideas and thoughts of the government and want change to better their lives. A revolution, or to be more exact, one (or some) political revolt or protest that has occurred post 1950, is the group of feminist revolts in the Second Wave of Feminism in France.…

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  • Theories Of Feminism

    heard. The motto “a lady should be seen, not heard.” It was not ladylike to speak loudly, to run, to shout, to play rough, and etc. When I heard the word feminism, I often thought of anger, pain, equality, women’s rights, notably the needs and wants of a woman. My definition of the word was most likely associated with my feelings towards being a woman. I wanted so badly to be a man. I avoided the conversation of one’s womanhood, I avoided anything related to feminism,…

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  • Theoretical Perspectives On Domestic Violence

    In particular, liberal feminism guided the creation of mandatory charge policies, which were supposed to ensure that regardless of the gender of the individual who was victimized, police would be required to take the incident seriously. Liberal feminism is widely criticized for focusing on the middle class, particularly white middle-class women (Comack, 2014, p. 37). This is particularly clear in examining some of the implications of the mandatory charge policy. Mandatory charge policies ignore…

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  • Liberal Feminism Case Study

    Feminism defines feminism as “the belief that men and women deserve equality in all opportunities, treatment, respect, and social rights.” However, ways of seeing issues differs amongst feminists. It is important to understand the difference between what was done and what the two did to help women earn equal rights, especially how they got the vote. Also the comparison between Canadian women and African American women in the US. The government of Canada states that “Canada is a world…

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  • The Role Of Feminism In King Lear

    Feminism: Equality between Different Genders The feminist movement started in the United States by Alice Paul. Feminism was not founded until the 20th century, it is defined to be “the theory of the political and social equality of the sexes.” The feminist movement was a social and political movement that fought to establish equality for women. In the early 20th Century suffrage was still an issue. Therefore, women began participating more in public. This was the beginning for women to have the…

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  • Liberal Feminism Essay

    “In what ways, if any, is the discipline of international relations exclusionary” answered in reference to: feminism Word Count: 2196 Feminism is a political and social movement. The definition of feminism is complex and varies significantly in accordance with the different types of feminists, but broadly speaking, feminism can be defined simply as a movement towards equality of the sexes and the elimination of subordination and inequalities women face, as a result of their gender (Beasley,…

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  • Egyptian Women's Movement

    Feminist Union (EFU) was founded shortly after in 1923 by Huda Sha’arawi. The EFU led the literary movement in which women published articles and wrote in magazines (Ramdani 41). In addition to fostering a literary culture in Egypt’s upper-class, household matters were at the forefront of the EFU’s agenda. Al-Ali notes the EFU’s activism “was characterized by dynamic interaction and tensions between women’s feminism and nationalism” (5). Women’s movements throughout Egypt’s…

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