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  • Socrates: Was Socrates Guilty As Charged?

    Was Socrates guilty as charged?" Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, is linked with Western systems of logic and philosophy. At an early age, he served in the hoplite-ancient Greek infantry, and later devoted his life to philosophy. His rather unique perspective and wisdom in philosophy attracted friends and enemies at the same time. Socrates metaphorically was the gadfly that stung the horse- Athenian state. And from his brilliant debates accustomed with truthfulness and honesty that all stemmed from an oracle in Delphi, he laid bare the false wisdom of politicians, craftsmen and poets. It is from this very course charges against Socrates followed as explained in the following sections of this essay. In addition, I will address any objection…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates

    In Plato’s apology he lays out all of the charges that Socrates faced. These charges included corrupting the children of Athens, impiety to the Gods and Goddesses of the City. Socrates also faced the charge of teaching things and not taking a fee unlike that sophists and teaching students about things above in the sky and below the earth. These things were considered socially and morally wrong in the city of Athens at the time. Because of this the city placed Socrates’ on trial for his life.…

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  • Summary Of Socrates

    At the end of book three Socrates specks of first persuading the rulers and soldiers, then the rest of the city, that all that they have learned was false and that they were born under the earth. He would say that the land is their mother and they must protect it. He also said that at birth people have metals mixed in their botties which gives them certain statuses, and though they produce offspring they can sometimes produce other metals than that what they are. Socrates then says guardians…

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  • Purpose Of Socrates

    will observe that we are arguing about the way of human life"(Page 99). In the last speech of Socrates, he said, "I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can, and, when I die, to die as well as I can. And, to the utmost of my power, I exhort all other men to do the same"(Page 121). "exhort" means he tried to persuade people. This word is also mentioned in the last sentence of the dialogue "This way let us go; and in this exhort all men to follow,"(Page 122). What he tried to…

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  • Socrate Xenophon's Socrates: The Importance Of Education

    crucially important to the rest of the Greek society at this time. It was a luxury few could afford. Often Sophists would charge a great sum of money to attend lectures; this was a practice that Socrates was against. “And if you’ve heard from anyone that I undertake to educate people and charge fees, that’s not true either”(30) Socrates lived “in extreme poverty.”(35); however, he did not wish to charge people for education because it was something that he believed everyone should be able to…

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  • Socrates Apology

    Socrates' claim in the Apology that "the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being," had much meaning to it. For Socrates, philosophizing is the way to answer “what is the best way of life”. It is important to use our reason to discover the truth on how to live a happy life. Personally, living life following blind faith, believing things just because it is heard from another, living like a sheep, is not the way to know what makes you happy. The only way to find what will truly make…

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  • The Deficiencies Of Socrates

    The inconsistencies of Socrates In life it can be very easy to tell when someone doesn't know what they are talking about, but there are the few who can disguise their ignorance. Socrates is one of those few, he is able to trick his peers into believing he has superior knowledge to what is and what isn't, but in reality he creates and develops his ideas as he is going in the Republic, his ideas are improvised and molded around the questions and comments his peers give to him. Throughout the…

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  • Monologue Of Socrates

    Socrates, why aren’t you ashamed that your way of life will probably lead to your death? To answer your question, I have absolutely no shame of who I am. “There you are mistaken: a man who is good for anything ought not to calculate the chance of living or dying; he ought only to consider whether in doing anything he is doing right or wrong - acting the part of a good man or of a bad.” Actions are not be based on the justification of life and death, but rather who you are as a person. The…

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  • Socrates Legacy

    significance of Socrates, the historical figure. In one respect, Socrates can be viewed as the founder of critical thinking, as those who wrote about his life depicted Socrates questioning individuals’ presuppositions. German political philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel takes this reverence of Socrates a step further, crediting Socrates not only with the advent of critical thinking, but also with the revelation of “subjective consciousness”. According to Hegel, before Socrates the…

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  • Defence Of Socrates

    Plato’s Defence of Socrates is important because makes us understand life in terms of knowledge, ignorance and personal interest. The Defence of Socrates made it clear that we should always stand up for what is right like the way Socrates did by accepting his death punishment rather than accepting imprisonment or banishment and he will stop philosophizing. In this paper, I will explain Socrates philosophy and I will state my point of view in the definition of philosophy and open question. In…

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