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  • Socrates: Was Socrates Guilty As Charged?

    Was Socrates guilty as charged?" Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, is linked with Western systems of logic and philosophy. At an early age, he served in the hoplite-ancient Greek infantry, and later devoted his life to philosophy. His rather unique perspective and wisdom in philosophy attracted friends and enemies at the same time. Socrates metaphorically was the gadfly that stung the horse- Athenian state. And from his brilliant debates accustomed with truthfulness and honesty that all stemmed from an oracle in Delphi, he laid bare the false wisdom of politicians, craftsmen and poets. It is from this very course charges against Socrates followed as explained in the following sections of this essay. In addition, I will address any objection…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates

    In Plato’s apology he lays out all of the charges that Socrates faced. These charges included corrupting the children of Athens, impiety to the Gods and Goddesses of the City. Socrates also faced the charge of teaching things and not taking a fee unlike that sophists and teaching students about things above in the sky and below the earth. These things were considered socially and morally wrong in the city of Athens at the time. Because of this the city placed Socrates’ on trial for his life.…

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  • Importance Of Socrates

    Socrates One of the most influential and important philosophers there has ever been, was Socrates. He is seen as the founding figure of western philosophy. Socrates has been known to have set the basics for philosophy. Although there are no writings that come directly from Socrates himself, we have gotten stories about him from his students writings. Most of the stories come from Plato, but they also come from others like Aristotle. That means that everything we know about him only comes from…

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  • Socrates Punishment

    DLC Why then: Socrates was an important historical figure as a Greek philosopher, he lived between 470-399 B.C. Socrates was disliked by many people but also had many followers. He had a profound influence on Western philosophy along with his students. He was a huge questioner of everything and everyone. He had a distinct style of teaching, he asked question after question, so his students can come to their own understandings. Socrates was eventually accused of corrupting the youth and…

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  • Socrates Trial

    Socrates is a philosopher known for his teachings in Athens. He taught his entire life, where no one would bother him. Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth and inventing new gods at the age of seventy. For varies reasons which will be discussed later, the city of Athens chose to wait till this age to prosecute and execute him. Socrates chose to accept his fate instead of escaping to avoid execution. Over the course of time, reading the Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito have given us some…

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  • The Trials Of Socrates Essay: The Types Of Socrates

    The Types of Socrates In The Trials of Socrates, we are shown different view points of the Greek philosopher, Socrates. However, none of these views come directly from the philosopher. Socrates had never published anything during his lifetime, therefore all his beliefs are recounted second hand. This is unreliable as it becomes ambiguous whether or not these views being written down are purely Socrates’ thoughts or if the authors bias has trickled into argument. These differing accounts have…

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  • The Punishment Of Socrates

    “Socrates must be punished, there is no other way to save the Athenian way of life, for he praises the Lacedaemonians, our sworn enemy in these dark times.” Demetrius may be hot headed and not the most reasonable character, but he does have a point. Socrates praises those Oligarchic Spartans, and undermines our Athenian Democracy. So I put forth, “If we allow him to continue his teachings the youth of Athens may continue to be corrupted and grow ideas of a hegemony over the people, and throw…

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  • Socrates Analysis

    Socrates: Let me pose a situation to you, Pentheus; imagine there are people in a cave. These people have been there since childhood, with their bodies shackled so that they can only see that which is right in front of them. They are unable to turn their heads, and know no world except that which is in front of them. Pentheus: I can imagine this, of course. Socrates: Now imagine that there is a fire roaring behind them, and that this fire casts a light onto the wall of the cave in front of them.…

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  • The Importance Of Socrates

    Socrates, the man who forever changed philosophy forever. In fact, he changed it so much that when trying to put ancient philosophy into a timeline, it is often broken up into “Pre-Socratic”, “Socratic”, and “Post-Socratic”. This is just one form of breaking it up of course, but it does highlight the importance of Socrates. Socrates was especially different in that he brought philosophy to the common man; his idea was that anyone could be a philosopher. He was able to think this because of both…

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  • Socrates Weaknesses

    recover, and re-establish power in the Ancient World (P - 249). They saw one man in the Athenian community as a threat to that. Socrates is a philosopher who lived from 469-399 B.C., in Athens, during the Classic Period of Ancient Greece (P - 250). Many credit Socrates as one of the founders of Western Philosophy (P - 250). Socrates lived in conversation and contemplation. He focused on ethics, morality, and the best ways for humans to think and live (P – 250-251). He believed the best way to…

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