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  • Intelligent Agent Ethics Case Study

    ethical issues for the domain of intelligent agents. This will require academic articles as references to identify ethical issues for discussions and explanations, along with my personal opinion and knowledge on the matter if there’s any. There will be a small discussion regarding actors in articles of how they can relate to the ethical issues, there will also be a brief discussion of how the Code of Ethics could affect the decisions, outcome and issues of identified ethical issues. Also set out in the assignment criteria I will need to propose a framework/approach/method suitable for computing professionals to address the identified ethical issues, namely for those who are directly involved in developing, testing and operating of intelligent agents as it should be beneficial to them. I will need to fully explain and discuss this, if possible I will need to provide a simple diagram to show this. Finally, there will be an explanation on the ethical, professional and technical challenges that could be faced in the attempts to realise the proposed framework, approach or method. Introduction: First of all, intelligent agents are a form of artificial intelligence, there are different types of intelligent agents currently implemented and used in some form around the world. Basically everything today in technology has…

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  • Analysis Of The Film: The Matrix

    The Matrix is considered by many to be a revolutionary film that has since changed the science fiction genre. The movie depicts a world not much different than ours where people are unknowingly forced into a computer simulated world called the Matrix, that was created by a software programmer. Throughout the film the main character, Neo travels in and out of the computer simulated world to combat evil and free the trapped minds that have been enslaved by the software. While there is no…

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  • The Morality Of Revenge In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    The Problem of Moral Agency in Hamlet In order to be a moral agent, a person has to have a good sense of self, they have to know exactly who they are and how they must act according to the decisions they make. In Hamlet, the moral task at hand is revenge for the murder of Hamlet the elder. The murdered King's son, also of the same name, must be the one to avenge the murder. Before Prince Hamlet finds out the true story behind his father's death, he has his mother's…

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  • The Call Bank: The Case Of A Call Center

    distinguish performs between the agents and their counterparts, the first point an analyst might need to impose is to be able to create evaluations or metrics which are relevant to job, measures which reflect back to the performance of the associate performance and related to what constitutes a successful execution of the job tasks. The calling center relies on three metrics which to measure performance with, first is average handle time (AHT), in which here this metric measure the amount of…

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  • The Matrix Hero's Journey Analysis

    following day, Neo receives a package and inside there was a phone. As he places it up to his ear, a deep voice answers. Morpheus tells him that the agents are after him. That phone, little did he know, would be only the start to a very hectic journey. Morpheus takes Neo to see the Oracle. The Oracle is the one who will tell Neo what he needs to hear. “She told you exactly what you needed to hear, that’s all. Neo sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, there’s a difference…

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  • Shared Services Model: A Case Study

    On January 26, 2015 the University of Louisville (UofL) held a town hall meeting to announce plans to adopt a shared services model at the Health Services Campus (HSC) in order to improve business operations. Planned change is a focused, deliberate and joint effort to bring about improvements with the help of a change agent (Roussel, 2006). It is generally said that the implementation of an HR shared services model can “transform the role of HR by enabling the HR function to be more…

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  • Essay On Army Counterintelligence

    identified through previous failures. All in all, there are many things right with the Army CI and there are many things wrong. My intention is to identify one of the problems facing the profession and provide some solutions to the identified problem. The Value of an Army Counterintelligence Corps The current setup for the distribution of Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agents is different from most Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army.…

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  • The Influence Of The Culper Spy Ring

    Days we don’t know who they are, it is thought by the Inhabitants they are French or Spainards, their Transports are in very Poor Condition.” His spies proved once again very valuable by providing accurate intelligence, helping Washington measure the enemies’ intentions and act accordingly. In 1779 Robert Townsend helped a great deal by finding a weakness inside New York and its currency. He found/exposed that the British were counterfeiting American currency since it was so vulnerable and easy…

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  • Coast Guard Investigative Service Case Study

    Reserve Training Coordinator for the Coast Guard Investigative Service The Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) lacks an effective method of managing training opportunities across the service for the reserve force. It would be beneficial to establish a reserve training coordinator at each Resident Agent Office or field office for the purpose of ensuring uniform distribution of training opportunities with the goal of creating greater competency across the service. CGIS has a saying which…

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  • Artificial Intelligence In Isaac Asimov's Liar

    The world of artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid rate with robots becoming increasingly human like everyday. Advancements in these technologies requires us as humans to understand the benefits and the ramifications of introducing this scarcely understood technology into our everyday lives. Blindly allowing a new form of intelligence could be potentially catastrophic if not fully understood as the stability of these technologies are yet to be understood. Within Isaac Asimov's story…

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