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  • Is The Socratic Method Of Teaching A Useful Way For Students To Learn?

    reason, and evaluate” critically in order to attain wisdom and intelligence, something not easily obtained due to the constant bombardment of the media and outside world around us (Roca and Schuh, 2).However, through the study of philosophy, we will “enhance our ability” to analyze what life will throw at us. It also helps us to analyze logically and critically, to question thoroughly, and to write and think rigorously, which in retrospect makes us more intelligent and well informed individuals. 2. Explain the Socratic Method of Teaching. Is this a useful way for students to learn?…

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  • Polus And Socrates Analysis

    Plato distinguishes an orator from a philosopher in Gorgias by using Chaerephon and Polus’ discussion, or rather, Polus’ avoidance of the profound topic Chaerephon introduced. He also utilizes the debate between Polus and Socrates to illustrate that Socratic discussion--not an oratorical method of speech--is the only legitimate philosophical path of discovering the truth. Plato, through this debate, later shows the importance of Socratic discussion as a way to comprehend abstract ideas more…

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  • Socratic Method Vs Misology Essay

    Socratic Method vs. Misology Misology is the hatred of reasonable discourse, and the socratic method is all about learning through discussion and arguments. Being a misologue prevents one from growing as a person and learning about themselves, as well as the world around them. Misology is dangerous to an individual because it directly prevents any opportunity of learning. Socrates believes misology is so harmful because it allows for one to live in ignorance, and it is an easy way to avoid…

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  • Socrates The Apology Analysis

    way of teaching which was the Socratic Method which involved questioning ideas and beliefs and then questioning the responses that was received. As a young man Socrates served in the military and fought in three wars. Thereafter Socrates spent the rest of his life preaching and discussing his fundamental ideas with all sorts of people including artists, poets, educators and politicians. REPHRASE THIS SENTENCE: Socrates had dialogues with his followers that discussed their own lies that they…

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  • How Did Socrates Influence Critical Thinking

    In particular, the Socratic method was inspired by him. The Socratic method is a question-and-answer discussion in which better hypotheses were found by identifying and eliminating those that lead to contradictions. This method was used to expose false or confused views held by the Athenian population. Centuries later, the Socratic method is still used today. Many law schools teach the method and it is even used in some forms of psychotherapy. This demonstrates how much of an impact Socrates had…

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  • Charlotte Bronte's Allegory Of The Ring Of Gyre

    paragraphs, I will discuss Plato’s Socratic Method, The Republic and especially certain parts within, and not to mention what Plato means to me. What I love about Plato is even though the text can be difficult to comprehend, I appreciate the fact that his works challenge the reader to think differently or objectively, so to speak. You cannot read Plato without keeping an open mind and a deep level of attentiveness, Plato is not for the half-hearted. Plato challenges one to think through the…

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  • Discussion Of Virtue In Plato's 'Meno'

    In Plato’s “Meno”, Meno prompts Socrates to answer a question concerning virtue and whether or not it can be taught. Socrates approaches this question with another question, which requires Meno to first define virtue. He explains to Meno that his approach is wrong and in order to answer a question about the nature of something, we must first understand what that something is. Socrates and Meno then engage in a dialogue in which they inquire into two questions: what virtue is and whether it can…

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  • Examined Lives Today

    Seeing and hearing about the religious life of my mother from a young age until now caused me to wonder, what does it really mean to be religious? Using the Socratic Method and cross examination along with the dialectical method I provided Sandy with multiple questions regarding the means of being religious in hopes of finding and comprehending the excellence it implements in her life, the life of her family, and the lives of others. Through this intricate process I had the ability to broaden my…

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  • The Ideal Republic In Plato's Republic

    In Plato’s Republic Glaucon goes through a process of philosophical protrepsis key to developing Plato’s purpose. Glaucon’s journey of consisted of an altering of his conception of freedom from a negative one to a positive one when he was influenced to succumb his theories to Socrates’ challenges. Socrates manages to take Glaucon out of this dark cave where Glaucon encourages being a slave to his desires through this method of challenging, reasoning, and alternative. The process in which…

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  • The Characteristics Of Socrates In The Apology By Plato

    Socrates was a Greek philosopher; who life was recorded by his students such as Plato. He is one of the founders of philosophy and he is known for his “Socratic method”. Socrates had a curious mind and he always wondered things. He wanted to find how people should act. We can see this behavior in The Republic when he tries to find a definition for justice. Socrates practiced philosophy, therefore he was accused of “corrupting the young” and not believing in the “gods”, and he was sentenced to…

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