Soft despotism

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  • Tocqueville Threats To Democracy In America Summary

    claims. As well, I will build upon his threats using more contemporary theorists and thinkers. In his book Tocqueville discussed two threats to democracy in America, tyranny of the majority, and soft despotism. The threat that is most interesting, in regards to this paper, is his idea of soft despotism. Tocqueville made sure to make the distinction between despotism and soft despotism. He described despotism as “[the] tyrannical, and absolute government of only one (or of only one power).” (Tocqueville 1245-261) What he was referring to however is very different; it would arise as a product of individualism and would establish itself…

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  • Equality In America By Alexis De Tocqueville

    natural that love of equality should grow constantly with equality itself; everything done to satisfy it makes it grow” (Tocqueville, 673). Hence, equality as defined by the Americans holds an unquenchable drive that if unchecked leads to greater centralization of government to achieve it as citizens seek equality and government seeks uniformity. A government left uncheck lacks the ability to resist centralization in Tocqueville’s view as “every central government worships uniformity; uniformity…

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  • The Importance Of Individualism In Society

    Tocqueville’s visit to the United States in 1831 prompted his work Democracy in America. This was supposed to be a chance for him to take a look at the American prison system. However, it was obvious from his writing that he looked at every aspect of American culture. In Democracy in America, he takes a look at how democracy works and the pitfalls that could bring about the downfall of democracy. Throughout his travels he noticed that private interest and personal gain motivated the actions…

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  • Patriotism: Alexis De Tocqueville

    public officials. Tocqueville Question #1 Page 3 said that in America it is easy to see how mistakes are made when choosing a politician. However, Tocqueville stated, “Although the rulers of a democracy are less honest and competent, the electorate is more enlightened and more alert.” This means that although the politicians may be less skilled, because the public is involved and cares, they will stop a politician from deviating or doing anything in their own self-interest. In a…

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  • Kanpur Confectionaries Private Limited Case Study

    KCPL Situation Analysis:- Kanpur Confectionaries Private Limited (KCPL) was established by Mohan Kumar Gupta in 1945 as a Candy manufacturer, later he switched to biscuit manufacturing also. Now it’s running by his sons Alok , Vivek and Sanjay, under the brand name of ‘MKG’ .It was the second largest biscuit manufacturer in 1973-74, but during the late 70’s due to increase in competition, its sales declined and it started making losses. Due to the losses they have…

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  • Coca Cola Swot Analysis Essay

    Strengths of Coca Cola Company - Recognized brand name: Coca Cola use strong marketing and advertising in order to maintain their brand name in market, with its massive global existence and exclusive brand identity of it is unquestionably one of the highest brands with the utmost brand equity. - Economies of Scale: Strategically Coca Cola has positioned itself within market. Over 200 countries they operates and standardize their product offerings globally and gain the potential…

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  • Tak Thai Company Case Study

    Target Market Nowadays a lot of South Korea people concern about what they should eat or drink because they want to be healthy. People carefully select food and beverages that have a lot of good nutrients and are beneficial for their health. However, lacking of time prevents them from healthful eating. In daily life, South Koreans spend most of their time on work. According to OECD.Stat (2017) the average annual hours actually work per worker in South Korea is around 2,609 hours per year or 86…

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  • Healthy Potion Case Study

    In addition, as red bull company, there are some strategies behind Red Bull’s success to cover lost in patent including its involvement with hang gliding and bungee jumping and this category‘s extreme sport.( Brown O 2015). Moreover, reliance on a single product raises risks which might be transaction on consumers’ tastes or contraction of demand. Healthy Potion could sale complementary goods of drink and make promotion. For example, selling limited edition healthy snacks which are complementary…

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  • Analyzing Food Labels

    140 calories. In addition, the amount of carbohydrates in a Coca Cola is 39 grams, which uses 13% of your daily values. Also, Coca Cola does not contain any grams of fat. The amount of sodium one serving contains is 45 milligrams, which is 2% of your daily values, and Coca Cola contains 0 grams of protein. While comparing the labels of the Welch’s white grape juice and the Coca Cola soft drink I was surprised at how similar the amount of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and protein on the labels…

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  • What Are Strategic Alliances?

    With the high obesity rates in children and adults, these products are considered to be unhealthy. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has reported that one-third of the United States adults are obese and the World Health organization is concerned about the large number of children under the age of five that are obese around the world. (“The Coca-Cola Company SWOT”, 2015). Public health officials are taking steps to reduce junk food advertisements that target school age children. The…

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