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  • Importance Of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

    Traditional ecological knowledge and the systems that are associated with this wealth of knowledge developed over generations through lived experiences but were almost wiped out during the span of one. This knowledge can easily be lost because it is orally transmitted and is specialized within a community and location. If the system is not practiced for an extended period, the knowledge is threatened to become extinction. Bringing back traditional systems have helped communities move forward…

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  • Advertising Research Brief: Claudi Van Der Merwe

    campaign Cell C received 80 000 amazing hits. They delivered on what they had promised to their clients. To evaluate the effectiveness of the rebrand as a whole I would use qualitative research and not quantitative research. The qualitative research method explores the actual reasons for the consumer behaviour, in other words, are the consumers responding well to the strategy used for the rebranding and also why. Tools to use include observing and in-depth interviews with people using Cell C. …

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  • Utility Analysis Case

    Hiring organizations use UA for specific methods that mirrors the consequences of performance activities that are used to improve the value of their workforce (Boudreau, 1988). Although UA has its goals, Schmidt and Hunter (1994) however, maintains that to examine a single selection event Utility top-down methods will in the aggregate sense, return maximum utility. Cascio, Zedeck, Outtz & Goldstein (1994) suggested the ultimate…

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  • Occupational Safety And Health: The Case Of Rusail Industrial Estate Establishments

    Question 3: The preparation of selection research proposal will be discussed Research proposal is very important step in designing research. It give the reader the important information. Research proposal is an overall plan or strategy designed to obtain answers to the research questions, research objectives, the research instruments, sample size and design. Furthermore, it includes the study’s problems and limitations; and the proposed timeframe. (Tejeda, 2009). I am going to explain…

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  • Relationship Between Science And Science Essay

    Science & technology Science is a way to study the tidal aspects of nature in an organized, systematic, and scientific way through scientificized scientific methods that are visible, touched, heard, touched and felt. But keep in mind, what is true today may be less precise in the next 1000 years because science has a long and delicate process. Technology is the whole means to provide goods that are treated for the sustainability and convenience of human life. Technology is the application of…

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  • Essentialist Approach Of Culture Analysis

    4.1.1 Essentialist approach of culture After analysing the blogposts categorized by the bloggers under the labels of “cultural differences”, “culture” and “China”, the study found that the bloggers define “culture” by using a static essentialist approach. They believe that cultures are “objects” that can be separated by fixed boundaries. Culture is also viewed as synonym of country or nation in their discourse. They also perceive that people within a particular culture behave similarly in any…

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  • Advantages Of Tactile Sensors

    Abstract—This paper aims at briefly discussing the various techniques used in tactile sensing and then compares them. Next, different types of commercial tactile sensors, along with suitable performance criteria for their comparison are discussed. Finally, currently existing commercial sensors are talked about in detail, including the leading manufacturers, their products and the description of their data sheet. Keywords— Artificial skin; Commercial; Sensors; Tactile. I. INTRODUCTION The word…

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  • David Hume's Definition Of Liberty And Necessity

    In the controversy between freedom and determinism, Hume thinks that this kind of argument can be ended by redefining the definition of necessity and liberty (63). According to Hume, this discussion had been debated for a long time because people were holding the wrong definition of necessity and liberty in examining this topic, so the incorrect definition of necessity and liberty bring the endlessness into the discussion (63). In Hume’s “Of Liberty and Necessity”, he redefines the definition of…

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  • Analysis Of Simon Sinek Start With Why

    Start with Why Analysis In today’s age and society, it is all too easy to get caught up with what you have or what you do. It is also easy to see how you do what you do. Simon Sinek challenges that in his book, Start with Why, to show how leaders don’t just do what they do, or know how to do it, they start with WHY. The book is a few years old, being first published in 2009, and primarily takes views from a business perspective. Despite those two circumstances, this book relates to the way…

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  • Ncqc Case Study

    Case Assignment 1: Questions 1 & 2 Build the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage. Then compare your list with the measurement questions asked. The management-research question hierarchy is a tool utilized by researchers in order to navigate through the research process to address a basic, management dilemma. The steps of this hierarchy are as follows: (1) management dilemma, (2) management question, (3) research questions, (4) investigative…

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