Sofía Vergara

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    over Latin America III. Representations and Self-Reformation (4 pages) A. Colombianas On and Off-Camera 1. The kinds of subjects/bodies of U.S.-Latinas that we see on-screen represent the kind of latinidad with which U.S. society is comfortable a. Anything else is demonized, criminalized, and/or under-represented in media presentations b. For non-white-passing bodies, then, belonging in American society becomes infinitely harder or, perhaps, even unattainable 2. Sofia Vergara is often perceived as “playing herself” on Modern Family  She is equally herself in this fictional world as she is in the real world a. Discussion of “star text” and our inability to separate fictional personas from the real bodies they exist through 3. Vergara’s performance of her U.S.-Colombian identity—on Modern Family and outside of it—as nearly identical, positions her as a model for transnational belonging for U.S.-Colombianas in daily life a. In essence, to be an acceptable, palatable, and successful U.S.-Colombiana like Vergara you must portray yourself in the same manner as she does b. Discuss manners/traditions/actions which are acceptable for Jay in the episode versus what he does not want Gloria to do/say 4. Mainstream media, thus, functions as a cue for U.S.-Colombianas in how exactly they need to reform themselves and what steps they need to take to be accepted into American society a. Gloria keys into this when she dresses up and performs an ideal American wife for Jay in the episode…

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    inappropriate things from men. I am a Latina, I have been a situation where I have been asked why do I look like that. How should I look? I am human being with feelings. Why should I be listening to this man's words? Accordingly to this man I am not a hot nor sexy Latina. I am not a size zero, I am not this perfect image everyone has on a Latina. Their perfect Latina is Sofia Vergara an actress who stars in Modern Family a television shown. In the show she is this hot Latina married to an…

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    The famous very dark painting that shows pain and chaos on innocent civilians. Picasso was working on a mural for the Paris Exhibition that was to be held in the summer of 1937.This lead to the Spanish Civil war lasted from 1936-1939 which was seen as an anti-war. Picasso discontinued his idea of that mural on May 1st, 1937 so that he could be working on the painting Guernica. He did this because of the bombing that happen in his country. Throughout the painting created a atmosphere of the…

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