The Pros And Cons Of Science And Evolution

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Gregory Bateson, an English anthropologist, once said “Science, like art, religion, commerce, warfare, and even sleep, is based on presuppositions.” In a place and time where many individuals take the word of scientists as law, we must be careful to remember this fact. We cannot assume that because a teacher or scientist or uses the statement “science has proven” that they are unquestionably correct; it is our duty to teach this generation and the next that science is fallible and preserve them from the lies of people who would say otherwise. Science cannot prove evolution because the theory of evolution is greatly based on assumptions, beliefs, and even contradicts laws of science.

The word “science” comes from the Latin word “scientia”
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However, this is impossible to do. The theories of both creation and evolution rely greatly on faith and personal belief. In May of 2005 the Kansas State Board of Education and their State Board Science Hearing Committee held hearings in Topeka, Kansas to determine how the theories of evolution and creation would be taught in their schools. Do-Little Jones, the author for the Science Against Evolution website, when writing about this hearing states “Evolutionists like to argue that science should be taught in science class, and religion should be taught in religion classes. The Report(from the Kansas State Board of Education hearings) specifically rejected this argument. ‘We find that a discussion of origins can not be effectively bifurcated between a science class which discusses only a naturalistic perspective and another class such as “comparative religion” which may or may not even exist, and which if it does exist is likely taught by a teacher who never addresses the issue, and who if asked to address the issue would likely not be qualified to discuss the scientific aspects of both sides of the issue.’” After listening to numerous credentialed scientist during the hearing the board Kansas board members came to this decision, “Scientific explanations about origins unavoidably impacts religion and religious beliefs.” Summed up, the hearings brought about a change in how evolution was to be taught in Kansas’ public high schools; as simply a predispositioned theory and not a fact. Again, neither creation nor evolution is not an unbiased opinion on science and the origin of life; evolution is relying and basing its assumptions on the words of man and creation is basing its assumptions on the the word of God; the

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