Analysis Of Judgement Day: Intelligent Design

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1. In the documentary video of Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, the basic conflict in the town of Dover, PA is that the school board of Dover High school intended to introduce the theory of Intelligence Design to the science class in the ninth grade, trying to break the exclusive mode of setting Darwin’s evolution theory as monopoly. Some residents, mainly the parents of the ninth grade students who insisted their beliefs on Darwin’s theory sued the school board for enforcing the teaching policies of including the intelligence design theory in the science classes.
2. The basic principles and origin of the theory of evolution by natural selection is that species arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations
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a. The most compelling argument presented in the documentary supporting the evolution is that the discovery of the transitional fossils which shared the common features between the fish species and reptiles. The major dilemma faced by the supporters are aimed at the concerns that some of the species seemed to be created abruptly and appear unlinked and such a claim is the key component of the perquisite of the intelligent design theory. Once the Darwin’s theory supporters found the direct proof to refute the essence of the intelligence design, it became the most compelling argument.
b. The most compelling argument presented against the intelligent design is the sign of using the word “creationism” in the draft version of the book “Of Panda and People”. In looking through the definition of both the intelligent design and creationism, they are of the same origin and basically have the same definitions. The evidence of the using the contents in creationism showed religious tendency directly.
According to The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, the government is forbidden from enforcing any laws favoring any of the religion. There is a clear separation between the state and religion. Once the intelligent design showed any sign of deriving from the creationism which is clearly religious oriented, the judge is able to make a decision that it is illegal to be taught in high school science

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