Scopes Monkey Trial Essay

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Back in 1925, the school board had a law (Butler Act) that evolution (the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth) or any theory of creation other than the biblical Creation could not be taught in public schools. This law was targeted at English scientist Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was that human had ascended from apes. Some people did not agree with this law but others did. One man in particular did not agree with this law, so he tested it. A man by the name of John Scopes (high school science teacher) taught the theory of evolution in class. Later, Scopes was charged with violating the Butler Act by teaching evolution in school. The outcome was almost unpredictable. Fundamentalism is a form of religion that upholds belief in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture. People from everywhere were upset that John Scopes went against the law of teaching evolution. This day and age people were just starting to become part of religious groups because this occurred around the time of World War …show more content…
Many science teachers were against the Butler Act, which was a law that said that it was illegal for teachers to teach the theory of evolution or any of way of creation other than the biblical Divine Creation by God. The reason this was a law is because the theory of evolution goes against many religions and school is a place to learn and not to degrade other people’s beliefs of the creation of man. John Scopes believed that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools so he conspired to be charged with violating a law. After the trail, Scopes lost and the law stayed the same afterwards. The Scopes Monkey Trial made a important mark in history and if it never happened then the school system would not be constitutional at

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