Difference Between Science Pseudoscience And Non-Science

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Is creationism science, pseudoscience, or non-science? Support your argument with an analysis of the distinction between science, pseudoscience, and non-science.

Mainstream society is very familiar with the word “science” and that without a doubt science plays a detrimental role in our lives. However for many people there seems to be a discrepancy about the correct distinguishiment between science, pseudo-science and non-science. The aims of this essay are to establish the differences between science, pseudo-science and non-science, before then examining the appropriate categorization of “creationism science”.

Science, pseudo-science and non-science do have there own characteristics. Sciences’ goal is to discover what our universe beholds and define why it is and how it is (Curd and Cover, 1998). One of science’s most substantial characteristics is the formation of theories. Scientists mostly use a general theory to explain their observations and experiments rather than simply recording the results. Such fields as psychology, biology, geology and physics stay within the confines of science. However, certain queries tend to be
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The most noticeable differences between science and pseudo-science are whether or not the theory has the ability to be scientifically tested. Non-science is evidently not in the domain of science. Some examples could be the disciplines of history or the theory of ethics/morality. As distinguished earlier, there may be 3 main reactions if a scientific justification conflicts with a pseudo/non-scientific justification. But there is no all-encompassing answer that says whether we should completely support the scientific justification or the non-scientific justification, under the circumstances of each independent case. Hence it is important that within the domains of “science” we should form our own beliefs upon the evidence and support each case

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