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  • Goldfish Experiment

    Average Metabolic Rate Difference of Goldfish in Dark vs. Ambient Light Introduction Metabolism is an interesting field of study to better understand what is happening inside of the body of different organisms that keep them alive. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) were used for this experiment since these small animals metabolism can be easily influenced by different variables. This is due to the fact that goldfish are poikilothermic whose internal temperature is influenced by their surroundings. Oxygen consumption was used to measure the metabolic rate when goldfish are in ambient light as the control and dark as the experimental variable. These goldfish were put into a closed chamber connected to a computer that sensed the oxygen level within…

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  • Starch Osmosis Experiment

    Introduction The experiment will be working with diffusion and osmosis; it will test if the starch will travel through the semi permeable membrane (dialysis tube) causing osmosis. Diffusion is when a substance is highly concentrated turns into a lower concentration, and is evenly distributed throughout. An example of diffusion is when you cook and the smell of food flows until it in dynamic equilibrium; which is the even distribution of the substance. Osmosis is the movement through a semi…

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  • Negative Advertising Experiment

    Frankly, negative advertising appears to have increased tremendously. Negative political campaign ads are everywhere on the television, radio, and in newspapers. In contemplating such an increase, if I believe that negative advertising causes individuals to vote against the political candidate attacked in an advertisement, an experiment could be performed to test that theory. In designing an experiment to test this theory, my research question would be “Does negative advertising cause…

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  • Hot Salsa Experiment

    never address the explanations for these reason why our body react a certain way toward salsa. I thought it was all right for a person to feel that way. However, it wasn’t that case so we did an experiment on the real reason behind why our body perform a certain way. For this reason, the guideline behind this experiment is to check whether every individual body temperature reacts the same. We never thought about spicy food can help our body in ways like in the treatment of dermatological,…

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  • Cross Modal Experiment

    Vallet & Versace(2009) created a study to examine the effect cross-modal priming presents when interrupted by visual and auditory simulations/masks, in order to prove that the priming effects is contingent to intuition/knowledge. Two experiments were conducted; each consisted of twenty-four students from Lyon 2 University in France, who were all right-handed and had normal/corrected vision. The first experiment focused on visual priming, which consisted of six practice trials and six…

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  • Eating Breakfast Experiment

    I will conduct a research to answer this question. I will first make a correlational study and then, a true experiment. Those research methods among others in psychology will help me determine any correlational or cause and effect relationship between eating breakfast and doing better in school. Hypothesis: Eating breakfast really help student improving their academic performance. Correlational Study In a correlational research, we observe without manipulating two or more naturally occurring…

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  • Termite Experiment Essay

    Termites and Scientific Experiment Termites are insects that live mostly in wooden area and dead trees. They get fed by wood and cellulose. They leave their colonies in the search of food following pheromones, to mark a trail The termite food hunting process is similar to following an ink line because the termites are attracted to the ink. This scientific experiment will demonstrate termite’s behavior and also how they communicate to each other. The purpose of this experiment is to test to what…

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  • Nazi Medical Experiments

    Since the ending of World War II, great controversy has arisen regarding the potential use of the Nazi doctors’ medical experiment findings. Nazi leaders instructed the doctors to perform sickening, gruesome, and terrifying experiments on the inmates of the concentration camps all throughout Europe. These unlawful experiments led the German medical community to gain vast amounts of knowledge regarding the physical limits of the human body under severe circumstances. According to Joel Dimsdale,…

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  • Bottle Rocket Experiment

    These include, event to event weather conditions impacting the motion of the bottle rocket in the the x and z planes. This therefore potentially resulting in an effect on the motion of the bottle and the height data recorded at an unknown level; as opposed to that in theoretical conditions. Moreover, incorrect initial scaling of length measurement on the data analysis soft-wear, could have resulted in incorrect heights being deemed to have been reached by the bottle rocket. The nature of the…

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  • Ap Psychology Experiments

    In the beginning of the experiment, there were 18 participants. The participants were college students at the College of Wooster. The 18 participants were also enrolled in a 300 level Psychology course, Learning and Behaviour, where this experiment took place. One participant’s results were thrown out because she joined the experimenter in the third and final trial. At the end of all three trails, only 17 participant’s results were collected. The materials used were pencil, or pen, three data…

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