Experiment In The Treatment Of Mild And Hot Salsa

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A couple of weeks’ prior, my lab partners and I examined mild and hot salsa, not knowing the purpose for the trial. As individuals we know that salsa will have our nose runny, eyes watery, some will break out and sweat. Although we know these things we never address the explanations for these reason why our body react a certain way toward salsa. I thought it was all right for a person to feel that way. However, it wasn’t that case so we did an experiment on the real reason behind why our body perform a certain way. For this reason, the guideline behind this experiment is to check whether every individual body temperature reacts the same. We never thought about spicy food can help our body in ways like in the treatment of dermatological,
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When we put the class into two groups who would eat the salsa we will give the person three chips. Then we utilize two tablespoons of the mild and hot salsa for each person. Before eating the salsa each individual will take his/her temperature by putting the thermometer under the armpit before eating any salsa, until they get the average body temperature. Then, one subgroup will begin eating mild salsa and chips and the other sub group will begin eating hot salsa and chips. Once the individuals have begun eating, the people who didn’t eat the salsa would record his/her body temperature after every 1 minute for 5 minutes. When you finish the experiment you discover that the control group of the experiment is the mild salsa and the experimental group is the hot salsa. After you completed the experiment you will calculate the normal max temperature change for each sort of salsa, and compute the standard blunder on the mean (s.e.m.) for every salsa sort. Then finally each person would write their before and after information in the charts. The calculations should be out on the average and S.E.M and average today. When you have followed these steps a person should know the body temperature that salsa would affect every …show more content…
In Figure 1 and Table 1 we are illustrate how mild and hot salsa affect the mean body temperature. Eating hot salsa, the individuals mean body temperature was below before they ate the salsa. However, the hot mild salsa had a different approach it went over our expectations as when they ate it before the experiment. As you observe both the table and figure you discover that the individuals who eat mild salsa affect the body temperature more than the people eating hot salsa.
After completely performing the experiment the results we discovered was very unusual. The reason was because our control group, which in the experiment shows us the importance of a control. The flaw in the experiment was that our hypothesis stated that spicy food would affect which it really did not. In that case our hypothesis was not supported. Everyone body temperature does not react the same to spicy foods. When you look at the Table 1 and Figure 1 it illustrates that mild salsa max body temperature was higher than mild. Therefore, if we wanted to further our experiment we would use our back hypothesis which was, eating spicy foods cause a chemical reaction in our body. Although mild and hot salsa raised the volunteers body temperature, a different brand compared to the other salsa would have made a big difference. When we are eating spicy food we think we are in danger when actually your body just

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