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  • The Importance Of Paying Attention

    Paying attention for the past three days has changed my opinion on how I should live and view my life. Although technology in society is beneficial for many, new studies are showing that technology may be affecting us negatively too. Often times we lose essential part of our days because we become so immersed in our phones and gadgets. Paying attention has showed me that I am forgetting to slow down and take a breath in my busy days at Cal Poly. Often times I need the listen to my surroundings and recognized what is happening around me. There are also times when I need to talk to others more instead of avoiding communication by using my cell phone. After these three days I have discovered by looking into recent studies to change my habits and…

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  • Magic Attention And Magic Perception

    Within cognitive psychology, the impact of attention on memory and understanding has been widely researched. In the study reviewed, researchers explored how different parts of the attentional network function in response to trickery such as magical illusions. The experiment looked at how people interpreted and explained a magic trick in which a pen disappears. Researchers wanted to know if the alerting and orienting modules of attention are both required to be active for people to understand a…

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  • Cognitive Hyper-Attention Style

    ending consumer battles between big companies like Apple and Microsoft. Because this is our reality we need to be informed about the physiological effects technology has on us. That being said, we can’t entirely change ourselves, but we can be more conscious about how our thinking has developed and understand how we can improve as individuals with technology. I recently read a research paper by Katherine N. Hayles proclaiming that our generation has experienced a shift in our cognitive…

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  • Advantage Of Attention

    Attention is a limited resource. Most of the time, people are interested in figuring out how best to use attention to our advantage: how to make sure we are registering the important things, while paying less care to other, less salient stimuli. Being able to effectively control attention contributes to our ability to study well and react quickly to new stimuli in the environment. However, there are also circumstances in which people would want to use the limited resource of attention to…

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  • The Attention Span Myth Analysis

    How does a person characterize an attention span? People may reckon that someone having a decent attention span is attentive and a person who is inattentive has a short attention span. In “The Attention Span Myth,” the author Virginia Heffernan debates on whether attention spans are real or not. “Heffernan is a national correspondent for Yahoo News [and a] former editor at Harper’s magazine” (Heffernan 113). She uses certain strategies to inform the reader on her information and certain types of…

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  • The Effects Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is a psychological disorder that involves poor impulse control, difficulty concentrating on a task for a long period of time and often implements high distractibility and excessive activity (Zimbardo, Johnson, &McCann, 2012,p.294). It is a disorder that affects the attention span and behavior that is most commonly diagnosed in children but can also be found in adults (Zimbardo, Johnson, &McCann, 2012,p.353). Attention-deficit…

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  • Analysis Of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

    INTRODUCTION Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and opposition defiance disorder (ODD), separately are challenging and paired equivocates a thoroughly unrelenting challenge. ADHD affects ten percent of school age children and boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed. ODD affects one to sixteen percent of school age children, which creates a unique set of challenges for parents, children and educators alike. There are many steps to noticing and identifying symptoms for these…

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  • A Split Attention Effect In Working Memory Study

    A Split Attention Effect in Multimedia Learning: Evidence for Dual Processing Systems in Working Memory, written by Robert E. Mayer and Roxana Moreno, discusses a study that tested students’ ability to successfully and effectively process information from two different stimuli at once. Mayer and Moreno found that students were able to perform better on recall tests when presented with an auditory list of instructions rather than a visual one. The purpose of the study, according to Mayer and…

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  • How Does Technology Affects Attention Spans

    Technology and Attention Spans The use of technology has been precipitately increasing in recent years. The digital world has a way of including itself in relatively every aspect of life nowadays. The proficiency technology provides in the modern world has created many conveniences in everyday life. "The Digital Revolution started booming in the later 20th century and has been flourishing ever since" (Schoenherr). However, as technology has developed, users seem to be more reliant on it than…

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  • The Criteria For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    Telling Mr. and Mrs. Escobar that their son has ADHD must be dose delicately but sternly so they grasp the situation in its entirety. It should be done with explaining the test used and their results. I would point to Eric’s family that he meets the diagnostic criterion for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I would say “he displays several symptoms of ADHD. He is unable to properly attend to details, or frequently makes careless errors, he ran around during the test, he was not able to…

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