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  • The Attention Span Myth Analysis

    How does a person characterize an attention span? People may reckon that someone having a decent attention span is attentive and a person who is inattentive has a short attention span. In “The Attention Span Myth,” the author Virginia Heffernan debates on whether attention spans are real or not. “Heffernan is a national correspondent for Yahoo News [and a] former editor at Harper’s magazine” (Heffernan 113). She uses certain strategies to inform the reader on her information and certain types of evidences to prove her claim. Virginia Heffernan claimed that attention spans are unreal in her article, “The Attention Span Myth.” She uses a rhetorical strategy, which is pathos to connect with the reader. Heffernan also uses two different types of…

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  • How Does Technology Affects Attention Spans

    Technology and Attention Spans The use of technology has been precipitately increasing in recent years. The digital world has a way of including itself in relatively every aspect of life nowadays. The proficiency technology provides in the modern world has created many conveniences in everyday life. "The Digital Revolution started booming in the later 20th century and has been flourishing ever since" (Schoenherr). However, as technology has developed, users seem to be more reliant on it than…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Google Make People Stupid

    there comes the problem of how humans start having shorter attentions spans due to vast amount of information. Finally discovering that humans have increased dependability on Google, and have shorter attention spans through my research. I chose to write about dependability for my topic. One pivotal moment that lead me to my thesis was during the original free write I did back towards the beginning of class towards my topic of interest. When I choose google I started out with the question “Does…

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  • Building Attention Span Analysis

    While reading a New York Times article written by David Brooks called, "Building Attention Span", I was reminded of my childhood. David Brooks argues in his article that because of the increase in technology and quick stimulations, our attention spans are growing shorter and our long-term memory is deteriorating. I agree with Brooks view because I have experienced this in my own life. I didn’t have much interaction with technology when I was younger, but the more technology grew the more I was…

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  • Negative Effects Of Wall-E

    A professor from Stanford University, Clifford Nass, stated, "Kids have to learn about emotion, and the way they do that, really, is by paying attention to other people. They have to really look them in the eye." Most kids these days don't even communicate face-to-face. Texting has become the main form of communication, so when kids get home, how can they look at each other in the eye if they just text? Another study has shown that children's social skills are affected negatively when they…

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  • Should Ipads Be Allowed In Education

    Studies have proven the contrary to what people believed of the distraction that iPads’ usage could imply. In fact, children using iPads were more engaged in the classroom (even those with short attention spans), because they saw the gadget as an innovation, which helped them focus their attention on it. Additionally, is very unlikely that children could become addicted to technology, because nowadays they live in a world surrounded by it. Nevertheless, another issue could be college students…

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  • The True Meaning Of Technology In The Classroom

    are not classifying whether the changes are good or bad, they are concerned about what they see. Teachers are claiming that students are struggling in keeping their attention on their learning subject because they are distracted by phones, online games, and thoughts that social media puts into the student’s heads. On the other hand, students are also complaining their teachers are similarly distracted by the use of technology in the classroom. Minutes are wasted as teachers struggle in…

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  • Online Rating Software Analysis

    distractions in this book, and yet they are probably one of the most annoying and frustrating things you will come across as a writer. Watch Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining” or the movie “As good as it gets.” He gives a dramatic speech in both about how frustrating it is to be a writer and be distracted by somebody. So, why is so little mentioned in this book? The fact is that distraction is so subjective and personal that it is completely up to you to solve the problem. This book…

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  • How Does Technology In The 21st Century Become A Distraction?

    and becomes a bigger part of our daily life, it becomes a bigger part of school as well. Teachers use technology for notes, videos, and games to prepare for tests. Using technology for these types of reasons can cause students to go off topic and become distracted by their surroundings such as if there is an ad on the screen of the projector can cause them to look at the ad and talk about it amongst their peers instead of listening to what the teacher is trying to teach or show the students.…

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  • American Food Vs Fast Food

    generation, to have little to no patience and accustomed us to receiving things posthaste. If someone wants to look up a word they don’t use a dictionary they simply ask Google. That lack of patience can be seen in our choices of food. That is to say fast food is chosen more so due to its speedy service and availability. Not because it’s a pleasure, it’s similar to searching on Google versus using a dictionary the problem is it’s too convenient. The solution to the problem is to eliminate the…

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