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  • Analysis: Google Now, Siri And Cortana

    An overview of most recent services and algorithms used by smart assistants - Google Now, Siri and Cortana Introduction <> The brain of Cortana is all in Bing, so Bing powers Cortana. All the cloud services and all you can find on Bing, Cortana knows; for that reason she becomes smarter and smarter every day. Actually, when the user is doing speech recognition, when the user is talking to his phone, the focus is only on what Cortana says, but the user assumes that she will understand, because the speech recognition is that good. How Cortana really works? Actually, when the user talks to his phone or desktop, Cortana is using a local speech recognizer and it is listening and it is actually streaming live; so whatever you are saying,…

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  • Analysis Of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Theory Of Success

    to Success What is an outlier? As Malcolm Gladwell explains in his novel Outliers: The Story of Success, an outlier is “something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body”. A man named Lawrence Edward Page, with a mind like no other teams up with another man named Sergey Brin to create the famously known search engine, Google. In the book Outliers, Gladwell mentions many strategies and methods to achieve success. While a few apply to Larry, many of them do…

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  • Google Social Responsibility

    Arion1 Anthony Arion Principles of Marketing 301B Prof Coulson 28 September 2016 Google: 1 followed by 100 Zeros The number 10 to the hundredth power; a 1 followed by 100 Zeros is a google. Likewise, the company founded in 1996 with a search bar merely powered by two dual Pentium II servers with 512MB of Ram each and now paying founders. Sergey Binn and Larry Page, an annual salary of $17.5 billion each is so aptly named as to make one believe it was inspired. Just ten years later in…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Online Tracking

    Everyone is being watched. Everything that is done on the internet is tracked. When most people hear this, they prefer to block all forms of tracking when they browse the internet. This would be okay if it was not for the fact that most people cannot live without several services that require a certain degree of tracking. It is some of these features that people have come to depend on in their everyday life, thus blurring the line that separates acceptable tracking from stalking. This means that…

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  • Ashford Library Case Study

    The first is a public domain database, which is entirely free and open to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. The second is a proprietary database, which is accessible only to someone who pays for a subscription or belongs to an institution that purchases a membership (Bowles 2010). Bing, Google and Yahoo are examples or public domain databases and Ashford Library is a proprietary database. Information on the Internet was created for many purposes such as to inform or persuade to…

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  • Google New Structure: The Alphabet Case Study

    economy. Moreover, the political forces such as taxes and laws and regulations don’t have a significant impact on Alphabet, and its subsidiaries as it continues to grow and succeed in the business world today. Secondly, competitive forces are organizations operating in the same industry and selling similar products and services . Google is a technology company providing products and services to organize information . A number of Google’s products and services include Search Engines, Ads, Maps,…

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  • Google: A Huge Effect On People's Memory

    The ability to instantly access vast amount of information at anytime, anywhere, through the advent of Google is having a huge effect on people’s memory. Google is the world’s most popular search engine with billions of searches conducted daily (Hillis, Petit & Jarrett 2012). There is no doubt that it provides people with instant services such as Google Translate, Google Street Viewer and Google Buzz which makes life more convenient for users. However, considering the pervasiveness it is…

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  • Google Critical Thinking

    What are the primary colors? Well the answer is yellow, red and blue... Did you have to look on Google for the answer? I can guarantee it only took 5 seconds to look up the answer. In this Millennial Generation, the internet is at their fingertips that can used on smartphones, watches, computers. This is why people feel as though Google and other search engines can provide false sense of self-perceived intelligence. It’s hard to believe but people can confuse them self with external source of…

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  • How Does Google Make People Stupid

    Google, the wonderful search engine that drives people’s curiosity on the road of knowledge. In daily life Google is used countless times to search nearly anything and everything. It gives people to ability to increase their intelligence, but at the same time increases their dependability of Google. This in return leaves the choice to allow people to actually retain their new found knowledge, or to forget and repeatedly search as convenient. Then the question must be asked if Google is making…

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  • Google Case Study: Google

    thesis, they found that looking for information was like a needle in a haystack and there were no credible sites. They decided to put together a website for the other college students to help them with their research projects. Not knowing that it would lead to a lucrative and powerful business. It is really the customers that made Google what it is today. They are smart and determined, and they favor capability over experience. One of the co-founders described Google as a search engine that…

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