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Google Case Study Google was started in 1996 by two young men by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met at Stanford University in California, where they were studying. While they were researching for their thesis, they found that looking for information was like a needle in a haystack and there were no credible sites. They decided to put together a website for the other college students to help them with their research projects. Not knowing that it would lead to a lucrative and powerful business.
It is really the customers that made Google what it is today. They are smart and determined, and they favor capability over experience. One of the co-founders described Google as a search engine that understands exactly what a person mean
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With all the ads, whether text or media it provides information for business to prospective customers. Google focuses on providing the best user experience possible, their homepage is simple, clear, and it loads instantaneously. They have groups that focus strictly on solving search problems. With this in place they are able to solve issues and provide improvements to the site. All new products that are released, speed is always at the …show more content…
It is achieved through uniqueness and innovation. Market saturation, market improvement, and product improvement play a major role in their growth strategy. Market saturation is where they have saturated the market in the United States. Google is no doubt the leader in the United States market. They continue to come up with different technology to attract new users that why they are growing so faster than the U.S. competitors (Vise, 2006). Unlike in foreign countries, where Google competes with other search engines. “The competition in Asia is especially fierce. In Japan, Yahoo leads the pack with its millions of registered e-mail users” (Vise, 2006). They have a product called Google Fiber that is only in a few states. Google Fiber is another choice besides cable or satellite. Google Fiber TV includes more than 150 high-definition (HD) channels, some standard definition (SD) channels and optional premiums such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ and sports channels. Local broadcast channels are included as well. This is a market that can be developed more and expanded. Google innovation is the major part of product improvement. Introducing new products is what they significantly depend on. All companies no matter how big or small have problems and have competitors that may threaten their business. Google dominates the web in several areas; they are what some people may call an undeniable leader. “Google

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