Google New Structure: The Alphabet Case Study

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Google New Structure – The Alphabet
1. Based upon the article provided, describe which five (5) external forces may have impacted Alphabet the most in the last few years. Discuss in detail the nature of each force separately, with examples.

The five general forces that have impacted Alphabet the most in the last few years are Political forces, Competitive forces, Technological forces, Societal forces, and Global forces . Firstly, Political forces can have influences at both specific and general levels . In the case of Alphabet, the article mentioned that the European Union files antitrust charges against Google claiming the company is using unfair strategies to get a competitive advantage over their competitors . These charges affected Google in a specific way as it lead the corporation
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Google has a well-known consumer face and a strong brand; due to this is a strong part of the business community which benefits the Canadian economy . As Google continues to expand its company by hiring more employees it is making Canada as a country more stable. In addition to that, the taxes that business such as Alphabet, pay is put towards government provided benefits such as the pension plans, health care and more. Consequently, government involvement in businesses exists merely to contribute to the stability of the country and its economy. Moreover, the political forces such as taxes and laws and regulations don’t have a significant impact on Alphabet, and its subsidiaries as it continues to grow and succeed in the business world today.
Secondly, competitive forces are organizations operating in the same industry and selling similar

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