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  • Parental Divorce Case Study

    The impact on children. Divorce affects many members of the family, including children. Statistics show that annually more than one million children will go through the process of divorce within their family per year (Bing, Nelson & Wesolowski, 2009). The study reported that 40% of all children will experience parental divorce during their lifetimes (Arkes, 2013). This study illustrates that there are numerous consequences of parental divorce on children. When compared to children from…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Tv

    “Click, click, click,” “Move out of the way,” “Side-view please,” “I love you Taylor Swift!” These are the words one hears viewing Taylor Swift Gets Mobbed by Paparazzi in LAX Airport (WowCelebrityTV). Our fascination with celebrity dates back in 1500 B.C. when Mesopotamians recorded on cuneiform tablets an affair between their mayor and a married woman. Over the past two decades, interest in celebrity lives, scandals, and accomplishments have exponentially increased. Second from the Obama’s,…

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  • VR And Experiential Marketing: Characteristics Of Marketing And Marketing

    1. VR and experiential marketing Since virtual reality has the unique characteristics like immersion and interactivity, VR games offer brand new experiences for players; some media apply the technology to their live events or movie productions; and more and more companies think it is a great opportunity to use VR as part of the promotion and branding strategies. Till now, one of the most popular alternative marketing forms with VR is experiential marketing. Experiential Marketing As the…

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  • The Future Of Social Psychology: Understanding Future Reflection

    culture, decision-making, social perception, and leadership" (McDonald & Bubna-Litic, 2012, p. 855) and will continue to play a vital role in the future of I/O psychology. According, Bennett and Bierema (2010), Davison, Maraist, & Bing (2011), Davison, Marasit, Hamilton, & Bing (2012), Rupp, Gibbons, and Snyder (2008), and Wankel (2009) discuss the role social interactions play in the use of technological advancements, such as social media as it influences the workplace in the areas of…

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  • Advantages Of Pay Per-Click Marketing

    used to refer the local newspaper for finding a new dentist. In 2017, this job is done by the search engines like Google. With a PPC campaign, you can advertise your services to the potential patients at the right time. Although many platforms like Bing, Facebook, YouTube, etc. give the facility of hosting a PPC campaign, Google AdWords is the most popular one. The first step is to define the budget for a dental PPC campaign and place a bid. If your PPC…

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  • Why Is Art Nouveau Important

    d active until the early 20th century (1905 or arguably 1910). After a life span of 25 years, Art Nouveau went out of style, as it was succeeded by Art Deco as well as suffered from the social shift caused by World War I. If Art Nouveau was forgotten, how important must it have been? Art Nouveau was immensely important since it was more than an art style. It was a lifestyle of its own. During those 25 years of existence, it was omnipresent. From graphic design, jewelry, architecture, product…

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  • Effects Of Google Ruining Our Lives

    Google Ruining Our Lives? I. Introduction A. The computer age has begun erasing our ability to think for ourselves, but in actuality has it. B. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and many more has increased our ability to become more reliant on computers other than books. C. Before the invention of the internet people use to read books and be more focused on skimming. D. Google a household name that has become popular over the years has many positive, negative and neutral outcomes in our…

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  • Comparison Of Twelve Angry Men And Democracy

    “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose and “Democracy” by Langston Hughes are different in that one text is a play with a jury that is an a conflict, whereas the other is a poem talking about freedom and equal rights. Although Rose and Hughes both say that everybody should have to do the something as everybody else, a key difference is that Rose and Hughes do not react the same way towards democracy. In “Twelve Angry Men” the author does nothing about the problem while in “Democracy” the author…

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  • Analysis Of A Happy World In Ray Bradbury's 'Farheit 451'

    A happy world. Starting in the 50s, the United States started to undergo a series of social changes. With modern technology and new prosperity coming since the beginning of the second World War, new forms of entertainment started to come along, which included radio, television, magazines, etc… New cars started to come out and be mass produced, big companies started to form, and a different culture began. But under all that shine and glamour, there was fear, tension between countries, and an…

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  • Julia Schwartzman Popowitz Case Study

    for overseeing its international expansion and operations, as well as all matters related to product and IP law. In her free time, Julia volunteers at her kids' schools and with other community organizations. She has chaired the annual auctions at Bing Nursery School and Nueva School. Previously, she has sat on the boards of the Oshman…

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