Swot Analysis Of Google Business Strategy

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What is Google Business Strategy?

Business strategy is a plan which businesses must have in order to achieve its long-term business planning, and by defining strategic plan clearly, businesses can outperform competitors and achieve superior profitability. Business strategy give detail information regarding how to retain and attract more customers, compete against rivals and position the company in the marketplace. In addition, it anticipants to unexpected occurrences such as changing economic and market conditions, and depicts ways to capitalize on attractive chances to growth and achieve the company’s performance targets.
The present case study will look closely to the strategic analysis of the Google Inc. on the basis of its
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The leisurely fad-following families They are middle-class to upper-middle-class small families who have office works. Their purposes of using Google products are for relaxation, entertainment and communication.

5. SWOT analysis
• Market leader in search engine market
• Google provides open source products and services, and they always strive to offer customers the best quality and has built trust and brand loyalty among global users.
• They now hold the largest market share.
• All of their product are integrated to one another and easily access, even from smart phone.
• Their leadership and culture of empowerment and innovation play a major strength in driving the success of this company.
• Google relies mostly on profit from advertising which is equal to over 90% of its total revenues. There are only 10% of profits comes from licensing and other revenues in 2014.
• Google does not perform will with the next generation computing platforms
• Android operating system
• Products are complementary to one another
• Google Play and
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Google gained its popularity and trust from their simple, clean and fast search machine. Google delivers their customers only the results that they want to see to make sure the information is useful.
What are Google business strategies?
Based on Porter’s model, Google uses differentiation strategy, with intensive growth strategies of market penetration and product development.
Google made their products or services different from and more attractive than those of their competitors. Google differentiate itself through the uniqueness of its products. They achieved this uniqueness by being a highly innovative company. The increasing range of its products such as Google Search, Google Fiber and Google Glass, is a display of this innovation under the differentiation strategy. The Google Search also advances over time to guarantee competitive advantage against Yahoo and Microsoft.
Google practiced three ways of expansion: new start-ups, acquisition, and strategic alliances.
1. Initiative and

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