Bingham Canyon Mine

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  • Morenci Copper Mine Case Study

    Morenci is the largest copper mine in North America. Just before Richard started working there, they had set the world record for the highest production open pit mine in the world – 12.4 million tons of material were moved in 24 hours. It is geographically located in eastern Arizona. The mine is run by a company called Phelps Dodge. Approximately 2,000 people work at the mine. (“Morenci Copper Mine”) In the mid 90’s Richard Arstein was working at Caterpillar Proving Grounds, south of Tucson, as a test engineer. People there are only supposed to work for three to five years since it was a unique experience and an experience that they needed more people in the company to have, and he had been there five when an opportunity came up. There was a new exchange program in which Caterpillar and Phelps Dodge would trade employees for a while, and Richard signed up. He…

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  • Daniel Ortega's Life And Accomplishments

    existed. He was born in a century old adobe house, just down the road from his best friend who lived in a colorful repurposed school bus. He spent his childhood building latilla fences with his father and going to mass on Sundays. When he was sixteen, he got a truck, the same one he was driving now, and would take his friends into the canyon to drink cheap beer and shoot chipmunks with a pellet gun. He went to college in the city and came back to town to teach math and work at the ski resort.…

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  • The Major Philosophies Of Confucius's The Analects

    China is a country with a vast cultural and historical background. It is a country with four billon people with extreme cultural diversity, which is nourished by different philosophies of its own. These philosophies are the beginning ideas of Chinese morality and spiritual belief, which were enriched by different intellectual heroes like Confucius. Confucius was born in 551 B.C at the end of the Chou dynasty as a descendent of dispossessed noble family. “His ancestors were of…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Colorado

    with a fresh blanket of snow. Evergreen trees lined halfway up the face of the mountains, as if their only purpose was to accent the wonder. It was extremely hard for driver to stay focused on the road. Often times pulling over just to absorb the view was safer. The adventurous side of the family began to take over. The excitement of just wanting to go explore, climb the mountains, become absorbed into the scenery as if they were a part of it became evident. One thing was for sure, it was…

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  • Seven Gold Expeditions

    twenty-five men on horses, sixty soldiers, one thousand armed indians, and many indian and black slaves left behind life as they knew it to face the dangers and disappointment that was to come in 1540. The expedition was sent into three different directions. One group went to the Painted Desert in Arizona, which was the land of the Hopis tribal people; another group was sent to the Gulf of California; and the third group was sent into the Coloradan part of the Grand Canyon (Cities of Gold.)…

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  • Grand Canyon Research Paper

    The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular and highly regarded tourist destinations in the United States (or the world, for that matter). However, sometimes it can be fun to go off the beaten path. Here, we present our list of the top 12 alternatives to visiting the Grand Canyon. If you're planning a summer vacation and want to try something new, then this list just might inspire you. Check it out for yourself below! Number Twelve: Todra Gorge Todra Gorge is one of Morocco's most popular…

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  • The Creation Of The Flood And The Great Flood

    whole earth by God’s design. Many of us have questioned the Word of God; however, investigating to get answers will be the conclusion if the Great flood actually happened in a biblical proportion way as it said in Gen 17:7. Sometimes it is not the intellect of the investigation that gives the answer, for some people need a grandiose scientific, mathematical, or deductive theory to explain or give reason to the answer, contrary to popular belief, looking for the answer in a common sense way…

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  • The Loss Of A Creature Analysis

    appalling because as consumers of the world we are encouraged to think inside the box, instead of exploring our own creativity. Percy mentions the “planners” or authority/society that dictates what consumers should act in public, what they should wear, and most important; how to think. The planners have a set idea that they suits the consumers to have, however, it is time for consumers to stop the deprivation of expressing their ideas. Although the author regards free thinking he acknowledges…

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  • Sartre Theory Of Anguish

    vertigo comes from anguish created by dependence on your future self and the thoughts of suicide. When we visited the Grand Canyon my mom tried to walk on the six-foot path down the canyon, but couldn’t even make it two steps before she stopped. In that moment she was experiencing vertigo. When you ask her what happened she says she was terrified of slipping off the path and falling to her death. She disagrees with Sartre’s opinion on the cause of vertigo. My mom believes she never would…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sacrificial Love Of Jesus Christ

    courses for me. I struggled in both Algebra courses, having to take one twice in order to pass. My favorite teacher and mentor was my Assistant JROTC Instructor, SMSgt Henley. He was an honorable man, an encourager, and a great example of everything I hoped to be as an educator. My desire to become a teacher stemmed from my love of literature and my desire to teach with the love for student success that SMSgt. Henley showed us each day. I made the decision to enroll at GCU three months…

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