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  • The Pros And Cons Of Biodiesel

    Biodiesel is an alternative diesel fuel for diesel engines that is made from renewable biological sources like vegetable oils, animal fats, and microalgae. Since its main feedstock is a vegetable oil or animal fat, biodiesel is generally considered to be renewable. There are four primary ways known to make biodiesel – (1) direct use and blending, (2) microemulsions, (3) thermal cracking and (4) transesterification. Although the main use is the transesterification of vegetable oils and animal fats, all four ways are going to be discussed through the research. Even though hundred years ago, Rudolf Diesel tested vegetable oil as fuel for his engine, with the presence of cheap petroleum, petroleum fractions were the fuel that took the market. By…

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  • Biodiesel Is More Geoffier Than Diesel

    too. But Biodiesel can has storage problems and be less efficient than Diesel. Recent research shows that Biodiesel is a strong…

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  • Straight Vegetable Oil Essay

    The foreseeable future highlights various alternative sources of energy with potential to reduce emissions and supplant heavy fuel oil (HFO) in two-stroke diesel engines. The possible alternatives are liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, biogas and biofuels such as straight vegetable oil and biodiesel. Straight vegetable oils are promising and an appropriate alternative due to being safe with a higher flash point than diesel, offering a smaller carbon footprint and do not require significant…

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  • Differentistics Of Jatiodiesel-Biogas Run Dual Fuel Engine

    The present work is aimed at the improvement of performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a rice bran biodiesel-biogas run dual fuel diesel engine through adjustment of compression ratio (CR), and injection timing (IT) of pilot fuel. For experimentation, a single cylinder, direct injection, variable compression ratio diesel engine is converted into a dual fuel diesel engine by connecting a venturi gas mixer at the inlet manifold. A set of combinations comprising of CRs of 17, 17.5…

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  • Biodiesel Case Study

    development of biodiesel The name biodiesel refers to the fuel that comes from biological sources and is mainly to be applied in diesel engines. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) defines biodiesel as “a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from nature oils”. As a matter of fact, biodiesel is so called not only because of biologically derivation as waste raw materials are also commonly used in production (Sunggyu Lee 2012). Compared with massive GHG emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx,…

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  • Biodiesel Research Paper

    Biodiesel is considered to be a renewable clean burning diesel replacement that is reducing the United States dependence on imported diesel. This alternative fuel is creating jobs and improving the environment also. (www.biofuels,org, 2015) Biodiesel is made from a diverse mix of feed stocks, including recycled oil, soybean oil and animal fats. It is the first and only EPA designated advanced biofuel in on a commercial scale production across the country. Biodiesel had to pass strict…

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  • Castor Biodiesel Essay

    Production of castor biodiesel and its utilization in diesel engine Lalit Prasad*a, c, Subhalaxmi Pradhanb, S.N. Naikb, L.M. Dasa aCentre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, New Delhi, India bCentre for Rural Development & Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India c Department of Chemistry, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Galgotias University, India Abstract This paper deals…

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  • Ethanol Vs Biodiesel Essay

    An essay about Environmental, economic and energetic costs and benefits of biodiesel and ethanol biofuels. By Jason Hill et al. The authors try to determine whether ethanol, produced from corn grain, and biodiesel, produced from soybeans provide benefits over the petroleum-based fuels they displace. To be a viable alternative to fossil fuels, a biofuel (ethanol or biodiesel) should provide a net energy gain, have superior environmental benefits, be economically competitive with fossil fuels and…

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  • Why Is Biodiesel Good Or Bad

    Mark Daniel Westbrook English III Ms. Arnold 17 December 2017 Biodiesel, Good or Bad? The topic of biodiesel versus diesel is a complicated subject but when dug into its easy to see the differences. Biodiesel has benefits and problems as well as diesel having benefits and problems, but you gotta see the bigger and smaller problems of each fuel. Some say biodiesel is better because it is better for the environment and has a cleaner engine, whereas diesel is cheaper and now already has…

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  • Biodiesel Production Case Study

    Biodiesel production is usually expressed through the process of trans-esterification reaction. Recently, homogeneous catalysts are broadly preferred for biodiesel production in eminent scale operation. Still, they are toxic, highly flammable and corrosive in nature [1]. Boey et al. analysed the purpose of the waste cockle shell from palm olein oil in biodiesel production of Anadara granosa. At 900 °C the waste shell was calcined for 2 h that mainly compiled of 71% of Ca to develop an active…

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