Banshee Research Paper

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“Of all Irish ghosts, fairies, or bogies, the Banshee is the best known to the general public” (Hare). Banshees are creatures that scream in the night to warn people of near death. Evidence, facts or stories that were reported about the Banshee that lean people to think that she exists. Although, Skepticism have many different thoughts that make it seem like the Banshee isn’t real. Movies, the internet and even books have done well keeping the Banshee popularized. Even though the Banshee is not one of the most popular or most know paranormal many people still believe that she is real and haunts the living. The origin of the Banshee is unique. The Banshee was originally created in Ireland by the Irish people (Briggs 30). The 4 families the Banshee was originally in were the O’Neills, O’Briens, O’Connor and the O’ Grady’s (Estronal). “She is generally supposed to be the spirit of some beautiful maiden of the family who died…” (Briggs 30). Another theory of how the Banshee is created was that it was a woman who died during childbirth (Urban Legends). Also, she is told to actually be good and doesn’t kill but instead warns of a death (Urban Legends). The Banshee has many special physical features and characteristics. The characteristics of the Banshee change all the time; she has been spotted as old, young, …show more content…
The Banshee’s supernatural power is that she can scream at high pitches (Hare 30). These high pitch screams are to warn people of their soon to come death (Briggs). When multiple Banshees are seen in one spot, usually by a river washing clothes, it is a warning saying that there is going to be a big accident or multiple deaths (Briggs). But, if these Banshees realize they have been seen the will disappear into a cloud of dust (Helsing). Even though the Banshees are usually there to warn people of a soon death, it has also been reported that they have saved people by their warnings

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