Atterberg limits

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  • Atterberg Limits Of Soil Analysis

    3.0 DETERMINATION OF CONSISTENCY LIMITS OF A SOIL 3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 Objective To determine the Atterberg Limits of Soils 3.1.2 Learning Outcomes Understand the Principle of Consistency and Atterberg Limits of Clay Soils Describe the Atterberg Limit Tests and their uses Perform the tests and obtain the Atterberg Limits Calculate some Indices (Flow Index, Plasticity Index and Toughness Index) for the Clay Soil 3.1.3 Consistency indices Fine-grained soils are formed in nature by the gradual deposition of soil particles from suspension in water. In the process of settlement, consolidation and drying out, the material passes through several well-defined states, namely: liquid suspension; viscous liquid; plastic solid; semi- plastic solid;…

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  • Unified Soil Classification System

    I.a. Background Information The data in this report were based on the practicals in the laboratory. The data were used to identify and classify soils for engineering applications. The data were tabulated using Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) method, which is non-laboratory test and 2 classification of soils based on laboratory test. The two laboratory test classify soil methods are Classification of soil based on particular size distribution and Classify soil based on Atterberg…

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  • Detrimental Effects Of Dissociated NMC On Aquatic Microorganisms

    concentration of Triton-X to be 0.05%, so 1 mL of 0.5% was added to the final 10 mL matrix. Dr. Doolittle’s handout suggested that the optimal dithizone concentration was 50 μM in 10 mL, so 0.5 mL of 1μM dithizone was added to the matrix. 1 mL of solution was added to the matrix, along with 3 mL of water. In previous trials, 0.5 mL of buffer was added to solution (and water was added appropriately to get to 10 mL); however, this was later modified (see table below), as it was crucial to main a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Harnessing My Amygdala

    After pondering my thoughts on why he would tap his breaks, I seemed to be gaining on him? Nearly crawling up the rear fender of the sedan, I read my speedometer. “55 MPH! Are you kidding me!” Fist clenching, muscles flexing, teeth grinding, I knew I was about to unleash. “Thats It!” With my vision red, I had no limits. With sudden flashbacks of the two speeding tickets on my record, I snapped into reality. Yet the monster inside was much to strong! Dropping the pedal to the floor, I merged…

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  • Wired For Wealth Summary

    such as “money is bad.” This is not true for most, however, there are a few people who, when they receive money or even the thought of receiving money, can do bad things to them. Therefore, there may be some truth to these scripts, however, it is better to try to break away from them and move towards more positive scripts. Chapter three discusses the financial comfort zone and either raising or lowering one’s financial limits. As of now, it is not really necessary for me to break out of my…

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  • Senators And Representatives Be Limited

    Should Terms of Senators and Representatives Be Limited? Thesis Will limiting the terms of senators and representatives change the political agenda. Source 1 Summary “Measuring ‘Term Limitedness’", by Marjorie Scarborough Thompson in U.S. Multi- State Research is about estimating the effect of the length of service permitted on the term limits. Scarborough followed turnover in the house seat in the 1980s to 1990s to observe the effect and her findings yielded some pros and cons of term limits…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Bad Speeding

    “Do you know why I pulled you over this evening?” The officer asked with a drilling tone. “Well..uhh...yeah. I wa-was going really fast.” I stuttered back, my voice trembling. “Do you know how fast?” He questioned. “About 86?” I said with uncertainty. I honestly didn 't think I was going more than 85. “Well I have you clocked going 88. Do you happen to know that the speed limit is only 55 here.” He said with concern. “Why are you going this fast?” …

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  • Essay On Congressional Term Limits

    Congressional Term Limits The question of whether or not congressmen should face term limits similar to the President of the United States has been a burning question throughout American History. Congressmen should face term limits for a few reasons. They should face term limits due to a majority of the American people’s opinion on the issue , the fact that term limits would increase ideas coming through Congress, and to help prevents incumbent advantage. The most important reason behind…

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  • Characteristics Of A Master Driver

    Most importantly, you should have total control of yourself, the vehicle and your immediate environment to ensure a safe and responsible driving habit. I believe everyone can become a skilled driver just by following the important safety rules. We also need to make sure that everyone follows the road laws because our safety depends on the way they drive. For example, we should always report drunk drivers as soon as we spot one on the road, and it will be beneficial for the masses. Always…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Consequences Of Speeding

    In society today, there are set laws that must be followed in order to protects citizens. One example would be the speed limit law, which saves lives every day. Driving above the posted speed makes you a more dangerous driver and increases your chances of being involved in an accident. Until this year, I had never received a speeding ticket. I have learned from this mistake. While thinking of all of the possible consequences that could have been placed upon my life or the life of someone else,…

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