Narrative Essay On Harnessing My Amygdala

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Harnessing My Amygdala Infuriated, outraged, furious, we have all felt these emotions before. Beginning with small situations like hitting every red light when your running late to work, to more complex of conditions like getting your brand new car’s rear fender smashed in by a moron who has his life in reverse and still doesn’t look in the mirror. Ironically, both of those examples are memories that I 've experienced. I myself experience anger on a daily basis. Some say I have a short temper. Others say I have anger problems. This on going occurrence has been an issue I 've dealt with all my life, yet I can never seem to tame the beast within me. It all started a few weeks ago. Speed walking out of the Mott campus in Lapeer, I was eager to rush home and take a siesta before my next class. Restless from the night before, I flailed open the door and projected myself into the driver’s seat like a crash test dummy. Running on the fumes of energy I had left, somehow I managed to fasten my seat belt. Furgling in my pocket for what seemed like an hour I finally whipped out that small …show more content…
After pondering my thoughts on why he would tap his breaks, I seemed to be gaining on him? Nearly crawling up the rear fender of the sedan, I read my speedometer. “55 MPH! Are you kidding me!” Fist clenching, muscles flexing, teeth grinding, I knew I was about to unleash. “Thats It!” With my vision red, I had no limits. With sudden flashbacks of the two speeding tickets on my record, I snapped into reality. Yet the monster inside was much to strong! Dropping the pedal to the floor, I merged violently. Screaming profanity as my speed increased I shrieked a villainous laugh of evil. Soaring at 100mph, I was victorious! So I thought. Glancing to my left, my face went pale. Hidden under a post holding up the “Oak Rd.” bridge, was A Brand new Dodge Charger, reading Davison County Police on the

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