Acid dissociation constant

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  • Color Analysis Lab

    The purpose of this lab is to determine the Ka of an indicator within an unknown solution. This can be determined because acid-base indicators are weak bases or acids, and when neutralized they change colors. The color change is measured by the light absorption spectra in the compound which can be used to calculate the concentration. This experiment measures the concentrations by the different pH values which allows the pKa and Ka to be determined. Through the experiment, and the recorded color change with the use of the Spec 20 the unknown Ka of the solution was found. Introduction As stated previously because acid-base indicators are weak bases or acids, they change colors. This color change will be used to determine the concentration because…

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  • Xanthan And Chitosan Concentration

    Optimisation studies were carried out on the basis of varying initial concentration of Chitosan and Xanthan, and varying pH of Chitosan solution. The results obtained were interesting. Unstable capsules were formed with the following combination of Xanthan and Chitosan concentration. The Chitosan solution pH was kept constant at 5. The above table gives the inference that when Xanthan concentration is less than or equal to 0.5% or Chitosan concentration is less than or equal to 0.5%, the…

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  • Difference Between Accuracy And Precision Lab Report

    Accuracy and Precision Lab Report By Connor MacFarland 10.23.2016 IBC 1 Question What is the difference between accuracy and precision and how can we demonstrate the difference? MATERIALS Pencil Notebook Paper 100 mL Graduated Cylinder 1 Gallon of water Ruler Unmarked Plastic Container 3 different kinds of Rocks of different sizes Triple Beam Balance PROCEDURE Estimating Lengths Procedure A piece of notebook paper was torn into 8 rectangles Without a ruler, a line was drawn which…

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  • Detrimental Effects Of Dissociated NMC On Aquatic Microorganisms

    environment. Nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) made up many of these batteries and could dissociate in aquatic environments. Prior experiments, such as Hang et. Al. 2016, reported detrimental effects of dissociated NMC on aquatic microorganisms.1 In the first part of this project, the objective was to explore and develop an effective method to measure nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) concentration spectrophotometrically. This step was crucial for the second part of the project, which was to…

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  • Thermo Gravimetric And Differential Thermal Analysis

    [53]. The direct band gap energy (Eg) of Tb3+: SA crystals grown by SEST and SR methods are found to be 4.20 eV, 4.10 eV respectively, which is in good accordance with the reported values [54]. The value of band gap of Sulfamic acid was found to decrease with increase in impurity concentration and it is found between 4 and 5 [54, 55]. Fig(7). Plot of α vs. photon energy. 3.6 Thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) Thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal…

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  • Plant Science Seed Germination Lab Hypothesis

    Also germination is stimulated by an uptake of water and due to the shortage of H+ ions in more alkaline solutions this may delay or terminate germination. The pH of soil can affect the spread of important nutrients with in the soil, and unevenness can prevent a plant from absorbing them. Before plants can use a nutrient it must be dissolved in the soil solution. Most minerals and nutrients are most soluble and so more available for plant absorption in a pH of just below 7, rather than in soils…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 4 Lab 4

    The first objective of Lab 4 is to use structure activity relationships to predict the properties of an acid and the potency of hallucinogenic compounds. The overall goal of the laboratory is to examine quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR) in a system that is either chemical or biochemical. The lab is divided into two parts; predicting the acidity of an organic acid, and predicting the hallucinogenicity of derivatives of mescaline. The materials of this lab for both part 1 and…

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  • Vildagliptin And Bisoprolol Fumarate Essay

    The jobs plot was obtained by plotting absorbance difference against the mole fraction of the each drug at pH 1, 3, and 6.8. Vildagliptin moderate for 1:1 mixture with Bisoprolol fumarate and slightly lower spectra indicate the formation of 1:1 mixture of Vildagliptin with Bisoprolol fumarate. These may indicate moderate kinetics of complexation between Vildagliptin with Bisoprolol fumarate. The value of stability constant for the drug-drug system at pH 1.0, 3.0 and 6.8 are 1.875 0.7778 and…

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  • Biotin Vs Avidin Essay

    molecules under mild conditions because monomeric avidin has an lower affinity for biotin binding (Kd is ~ 10‘ M ). Free monomeric avidin in solution can be obtained by treatment of native tetrameric avidin with acid or guanidine-HCl (Sharma, Bagshawe, and Begent, 2005). Modification for pre-targeting: In pre-targeting strategies to deliver cancer therapeutics, faster dissociation kinetics of avidin-biotin system may be required. Increased dissociation kinetics is a different goal from…

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  • Bromophenol Blue Using Spectrophotometry Lab Report

    From the absorbance of sample A3 and B3 and their diluted versions, the following graphs can be drawn: Figure 2- A graph showing the relation between concentration of bromophenol blue in M and their absorbance for the acidic form of the molecule, showing the molar absorptivity constant of the molecule at wavelengths 440 nm and 590 nm. The reading with concentration 6 x 10-4 M at wavelength 440 nm was discarded as it is too off from the trend line that it is not following the trend at all.…

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