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  • 6.03 Ph Lab

    The purpose of this experiment is to determine the pH of known substances by use of a pH color indicator of red cabbage and the use of a pH meter. As well as, to observe the pH changes in a substance by adding in more basic of acidic to buffered solutions and unbuffered solutions. This experiment will also will show how to calculate H3O+, OH- and pH by use of known values. In order to do this lab, there are a few key components one needs to know and understand first. A solution is a homogeneous mixture of elements that are dissolved in water making it an aqueous solution. Solutions can form an acid, which is a substance that dissolves in water and gives a hydrogen ion, or proton (H+), to the water. It can also form a base, which is a substance that dissolves in water and…

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  • What Is The Ph Level Of Lemons

    to its PH level; two. This is the part where I reveal who I am and how I came to o be. My PH level will never be greater than five and will never reach seven. PH level seven would indicate that I’m tolerant of many things and many people. Quite frankly, that is unbearably dull, PH level two means so much more. It means that I do not play well…

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  • Essay On Effect Of Ph On Catalase

    tables and graphs, the results indicate that the optimum pH level of Catalase is at the neutral pH of 7 with an increase in enzyme activity from pH 2 to pH 7 and a decrease of activity from pH 7 to pH 12. Hence, demonstrating a bell shaped curve (similar to theoretical data – See Background Information for reference) which can be seen as an effect of the specific pH on the catalase enzyme. This identified trend can also be supported by the raw data values of the control test tubes as it…

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  • Optimum Ph Of Trypsin Essay

    It is hypothesized that the optimum pH of trypsin is 8. Three different pH levels were tested, and each level consisted of three trials. The pH of 5 showed an average absorbance of 0.021±0.002, the pH of 8 showed an average absorbance of 0.167±0.030, and the pH of 11 showed an average absorbance of 0.088±0.001. Based on the standard deviation, there was a lack of variability between each trial for the pH levels of 5 and 11, yet the trials of the pH of 8 varied greatly compared to the other…

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  • Ph Levels Affecting Coral Reefs

    Scientific Validity of “Study links altered brain chemistry, behavioral impairments in fish exposed to elevated CO2” Coral reefs are having a problem with pH levels and they are dying some places around the world right now, because of it. This is not only affecting the coral reefs, but the animals that live in them and survive with them. There is a Scientific Study called “Study links altered brain chemistry, behavioral impairments in fish exposed to elevated CO2” which discusses the behavior…

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  • Exploring PH Levels

    PH levels are a measure of how acidic or basic your beverage is. They show what beverages are more acidic, like soda, and what beverages are more basic, like water. It’s measured on a scale from one to fourteen. One through six are the acid levels, seven is the only neutral level, and eight through fourteen are the basic levels. First, get 2 drinks of choice and pour them into two different cups. Then, record its pH level, as well as the room temperature. Next, take another liquid and mix it…

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  • Calibration Of Ph Titration Essay

    Discussion Task 1. The calibration of pH meter was performed resulting a calibration equation Y=-57.833+403 (see appendix). After the calibration of pH meter the pH values show in the table 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13 were calculated from the values of mv recorded by using aforementioned equation. Despite the values the pH reading were recorded the values used and reported in this experiment were the calculated pH. Task 2. The standardization of the titrant solution HCL was performed fallowed a…

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  • What Is The Correlation Between The Discharge And Ph Of Water?

    Introduction In my research I explored how the discharge and pH of a river are related and if there is any correlation between the two. Discharge is the measure of the total volume of water at a certain point in time recorded in cubic feet per second. pH is the acidity or alkalinity of the water measured on a scale from 1 to 14. I was interested to see if river discharge and pH levels had any relation and if the data collected could show any correlation. This information could be used to…

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  • Ph Lab Experiment

    The learning objective of the experiment performed was to determine the pH of solutions that were given by using litmus paper and pH machine. The Experiment was kind of successful except for an issue with one of the solutions. When we tried to figure out the pH by looking at the litmus paper; we were stuck between a pH of 6 and 7. The best choice was to choose a number in between 6 and 7. Based on the two methods used to find the pH the results were close to each other. In this experiment…

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  • How Does Ph Affect Enzyme Activity

    Discussion: The specific purpose for this study was to see how enzyme activity would change as there was a change in temperature and pH. Both temperature and pH were hypothesized to have an affect on enzyme activity. Each had an optimal temperature. At this point, the rate of enzyme activity would stop increasing and begin to decrease. For temperature, it was hypothesized that the optimal temperature would be 48°C. For pH, it was hypothesized that the optimal pH would be 7. As temperature was…

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