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  • Spring Creek Chemistry Lab Report

    the water chemistry of a creek enables scientists to ensure the area is relatively pollution free, continues to follow the normal data trends for pH, conductivity, temperature, and nitrate concentration measurements, and…

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  • 6.03 Ph Lab

    The purpose of this experiment is to determine the pH of known substances by use of a pH color indicator of red cabbage and the use of a pH meter. As well as, to observe the pH changes in a substance by adding in more basic of acidic to buffered solutions and unbuffered solutions. This experiment will also will show how to calculate H3O+, OH- and pH by use of known values. In order to do this lab, there are a few key components one needs to know and understand first. A solution is a homogeneous…

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  • Weak Acid Titration

    of a weak acid can be found experimentally using a pH meter along with the concept of equivalence point when titrating an acid and a base. One half of the weak acid has been titrated at the half-equivalence point, meaning that the concentration of weak acid [HA] and its conjugate base [A—] are equivalent. As seen in the Equation (1), equal values for the concentrations of weak acid [HA] and conjugate base [HA] cancel each other out, mathematically. The…

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  • 6.03 Calorimetry Lab Report

    Check the pH of both solutions without any NaOH first. Then begin checking pH after 1 drop, then after 10 drops, and lastly 25 drops. After each set of drops be sure to mix solutions. 4. Compare both sets of pH to determine which had an easier time resisting change. C. Titration curves. 1. Insert NaOH into burette, proceed to clamp burette to stand and insert into beaker containing 10 mL of HCl. 2. Add drops of NaOH into the beaker until a change in pH by 0.50 units is seen or you have added…

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  • Titration In Gastric Acid Essay

    of an unknown solution. A standard solution is a solution of precisely known concentration. The aim of this experiment was to go over the use of pipettes, burettes, titrations and also to reinforce the concept of molarity. In this experiment, a titration was carried out using a standard solution of hydrochloric acid to establish the molarity of a solution of sodium hydroxide. The concentration of acid in the gastric juice sample was determined using that solution of sodium hydroxide. The pH…

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  • The Effects Of Ocean Acidification

    Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), ocean acidification is defined as, “a reduction in the pH of the ocean over an extended period of time, caused primarily by uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere”. Carbon dioxide that has…

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  • Indigestion Lab Report

    Nancy’s Home remedy required 0.09 grams to neutralise the acid. The next most effective antacid was DeWitt’s, which required 0.14 grams. The least effective was Mylanta which required 1.06 grams to neutralise the acid. The more antacid added to the test tube, the higher the pH and the greater difference in colour. A discrepancy in the results is that even though each compound making up DeWitt’s antacid powder had a higher reading pH than the one in Nancy’s Home Remedy, more of DeWitt’s was…

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  • Reaction Stoichiometry Lab Report

    Gathered materials to compete the lab. Place 10 mL of 1.0 HCl in beaker and add 90 mL water and use the pH meter (Station) measure pH of solution Put a magnetic stir in beaker, and place one or two pieces into solution until the pH is 3.5 Measure the mass of of the remaining metal and determine the molar mass of the unknown metal with the given formula For part B add 10 mL of unknown solution (0.05) and add 20 mL of water, 5 drops of indicator, magnetic stir Use the pH meter for after completing…

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  • Ocean Acidification: The Chemical Composition Of Ocean Water

    The ocean: a large expanse of salt water that covers two-thirds of our earth’s surface. It is involved in many biospheric processes and the home to many known and unknown organisms. The first few meters of the ocean are an important site for primary production — the conversion of carbon dioxide from a gas into organic carbon. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in determining the pH of ocean water. Over the last hundred years the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have increased,…

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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    shown in Fig.1b, was purchased from Oxford laboratory reagent Co. Zinc acetate used for the preparation of nanoparticles ZnO and sodium hydroxide were purchased from Biotech laboratory chemicals company. Ethyl alcohol was purchased from ADWIC company. Dilute solutions of HNO3 and NaOH (BDH) were prepared to control the pH during the experiments. Fig. 1Chemical Structure of (a) Congo Red and (b) Methylene blue dye. Preparation of ZnO nanoparticles (Adsorbent) Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles…

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