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  • Method Of Titration

    There are many instances in today’s society and on this planet, where it is crucial to figure out the unknown concentration of a known substance. The process that is used to figure out the unknown concentration of a substance is the process known as titration. Titrations are used in a wide range of work environments including forensic labs, and pharmaceuticals. A way in which titrations could aide society could start in a forensic lab. It could be used when trying to figure out the concentration of a drug or poison that may have been used in a crime. In a pharmaceutical environment it could be used to properly give out the dosages to patients that require medicine. The method of titration can be defined as the discovery of a concentration of…

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  • 1what Is An Acid-Base Titration?

    INTRODUCTION 1.1What is an acid-base titration? An acid –base titration is the determination of the concentration of an acid or base by neutralizing the acid or base with an acid or base of known concentration. An acid-base titration is the analysis of the concentration of acids and bases; through this process an acid or base of known concentration neutralizes an acid or base of unknown concentration. The neutralization of an acid or base in acid-base titration can be measured with either a…

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  • Unknown Base Titration

    unknown base concentration of a sodium hydroxide solution can be determined by titration potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) with an unknown concentration of sodium hydroxide NaOH. The average molarity of NaOH determine by the moles and volume of the KHP and NaOH. (Eq 1). KHC8H4O4(aq) + NaOH(aq) = H2O(l) + NaKC8H4O4(aq) (Eq 1) The unknown concentration of white vinegar can be determined by the white vinegar with the known concentration of…

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  • Titration Lab Report

    Lab 14/ Test 6: Determination of Acid Dissociation Constants through Titration Sabrina Tom I.Abstract The two unknown solutions A and E were titrated with NaOH solutions. For each solution, one fast and three slow titrations were done to see where the pH rose exponentially. The unknown solutions A and E were determined to be Pyridinium ion acid and oxalic acid, respectively. II.Theories One significant concept throughout this lab is titrations. A titration is a lab method analyzes a…

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  • Thermometric Titration Lab Report

    Sharmistha Santra A Thermometric Titration Table: (Representing the results obtained from the experiment) Known Acid HCl 1 mol dm-3 (± 0.100) Unknown Acid HCl 0.76 mol dm-3 (± 0.100) Highest Temperature (Time) 28.5 (190s) 28.6 (235s) Lowest Temperature (Time) 22.9 (55s) 22.9 (55s) Sample Calculation for the Unknown Concentration C1V1 = C2V2 1 (190 - 505) = C2 (235 - 505) 1 28.0 = C2 37.0 C2 = 2837 C2 = 0.760 mol dm-3 (±0.0500) Sample Calculation for the amount of mole in Unknown…

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  • Reeox Titration Lab Report

    Measuring the mass of Iron in an iron sulphate tablet using REDOX titration Aim The aim of this experiment is to determine the mass of iron present in one iron sulphate tablet using REDOX titration under acidic conditions. Safety H2SO4: This is an irritant which may cause burns on skin and eyes; therefore care must be taken when handling this chemical. Protective gear (gloves, lab coat and safety goggles) must be worn at all times. If it comes in contact with skin or eyes, it should be…

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  • Titration In Gastric Acid Essay

    of the Concentration of Acid in Gastric Juice Introduction Titration is a method where a solution of known concentration is used to find the concentration of an unknown solution. A standard solution is a solution of precisely known concentration. The aim of this experiment was to go over the use of pipettes, burettes, titrations and also to reinforce the concept of molarity. In this experiment, a titration was carried out using a standard solution of hydrochloric acid to establish the…

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  • Acid Base Titration Report

    characteristics of acids and bases by investigating the characteristics of strong versus weak acids; more specifically, why these differences are important in the process of titrations. In this experiment, there are two titrations performed and measured the pH of one salt solution. This experiment includes a strong acid and strong base titration, weak acid and strong base titration, and the pH measure of a salt solution. In performing a titration, a stir-bar, stir-plate, burette and pH meter.…

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  • Acid Base Titration Essay

    2015 Lab Report Concerning Acid-Base Titrations The purpose of this experiment was to recognize the procedures for conducting acid-base titrations. Each acid-base titration used one solution to analyze another; it also involved the use of an indicator, which denoted the endpoint of the titration. The indicator used was phenolphthalein; it produced a pink hue when the titrations reached their endpoints – between pH 8 and pH 10. The endpoint was reached when the moles of the base being used…

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  • Redox Titration Case Study

    This study involves the use of redox titration to determine the amount of oxalic acid in the sample solution. The analyte solution containing oxalic acid was added with sulfuric acid and heated prior to the titration with permanganate. The persistent pink color signaled the end of the titration. The amount of the oxalic acid in the solution was found to be 8.941%. The redox titration was precise in the quantification of oxalic acid with a standard deviation of 1.327%. Introduction One of the…

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