Acid Base Titration Essay

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Racheal A. Krasner
Professor Garfield Beckford
CHEM 1211 L
25 September 2015
Lab Report Concerning Acid-Base Titrations The purpose of this experiment was to recognize the procedures for conducting acid-base titrations. Each acid-base titration used one solution to analyze another; it also involved the use of an indicator, which denoted the endpoint of the titration. The indicator used was phenolphthalein; it produced a pink hue when the titrations reached their endpoints – between pH 8 and pH 10. The endpoint was reached when the moles of the base being used became greater than the moles of the acid. Some of the calculations used included: Mass of base times Volume of base equals Mass of acid time volume of acid, Molarity equals number of
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The KHP was dissolved with distilled water in an Erlenmeyer flask and two to three drops of the indicator were added. A bottle was filled with the NaOH solution to be used during all titrations in order to standardize and therefore find the concentration of the solution. A clean buret was then filled with a portion of the NaOH solution, allowed to settle from air bubbles, and then dispensed into the flask to titrate the …show more content…
The third trial however, indicated having gone slightly past the endpoint, as, although its ratio was very similar to that of the first trial, it remained a slightly brighter shade of pink. The difference in the ratio between the first and third trials was one fiftieth percent, and the difference in colors reveals how one drop of a solution can cause the titration to pass the endpoint. The results matched the theory of titration, as the NaOH base solution consistently titrated the aqueous KHP solution to its endpoint, which was visible via the phenolphthalein

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