Synthesis Of Acetaminophen Synthesis Report

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The purpose of this experiment is to synthesize acetaminophen and esters in order to apply the process of retrosynthetic analysis to determine the unknown alcohols used to produce the esters. Acetaminophen, a popular active ingredient in many over-the-counter drugs, is used as a pain reliever and a fever reducer. It is synthesized from the reaction between a carboxylic acid and an amine; thus, acetaminophen contains hydroxyl and amide functional groups.1
C6H7NO + C4H6O3 C8H9NO2 + C2H4O2
This reaction is commonly known as a condensation reaction. A condensation reaction is a chemical reaction where two reactants form a larger molecule while simultaneously creating a smaller molecule, usually water. This reaction is used as a
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The mixture in the test tube was stirred for five minutes and allowed to cool to room temperature. Then, the test tube was placed into an ice bath for fifteen minutes. The precipitate formed was then filtered using vacuum filtration. Once the filtration process was completed, we measured the powdery solid using constant weighing to obtain the dry yield of the product formed. The acetaminophen synthesized was used to perform cerium and universal indicator tests. These tests were carried out by using a blank (distilled water), an aqueous solution of 4-aminophenol, and an aqueous solution of acetaminophen. 0.5 mL of cerium was added to each of the test tubes containing the blank and the solutions. To perform the universal indicator test, 3-5 drops of the universal indicator was added to test tubes containing the blank and other solutions without cerium added. The second experiment illustrated the process of esterification. 2 mL of two different unknown alcohols were obtained and placed in separate test tubes, and 1 mL of acetic acid was added to each sample. Both test tubes were then placed in boiling water for twenty minutes. The solutions were then poured into evaporating dishes where 1 mL of Na2CO3 was added drop …show more content…
The acetaminophen was then used for a cerium and universal indicator test. The blank in the cerium test was essentially diluted cerium which is yellow. The 4-aminophenol turned a black-purple color and the acetaminophen turned an orange-yellow color. In the universal test, the blank was copper colored, 4-aminophenol was mint green, and the acetaminophen was slightly red. For this test, a redder color shows the solution is acidic and a bluer color shows the solution is more basic. These tests tell us that the acetaminophen synthesized was acidic and did not contain

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